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November 13, 2023

Teacher Resume: Tips, Templates & Examples

Teachers are essential in fostering learning environments, shaping young minds, and imparting lifetime knowledge in the education system. Crafting an exceptional teacher resume is crucial for a fulfilling career in education. Set the stage for impactful career shaping the future by using the teacher's resume example and guide.

tips for writing a teacher resume

The reverse chronological resume format is the best resume format for teachers. The teacher's resume is written by filling in all the sections necessary for the resume after choosing the appropriate format for the teacher's resume. The 9 sections must be on a teacher's resume, including title, contact info, objective or summary, work experience, job description, education, skills, certificates, and awards. It is essential to meticulously attend to all the details and ensure their accurate completion to tailor a teacher's resume. Incorporating appropriate keywords into a teacher's resume demonstrates the candidate's professionalism and suitability for the role and more effectively catches potential employers' attention.

The recruiter promptly gauges the candidate's years of experience and receives a concise overview of the individual in the title section of the educator's resume. The recruiter establishes contact using the provided contact information. The candidate outlines past accomplishments, expresses aspirations for the position, and effectively conveys intentions in the teacher resume objective or summary. 

Providing detailed teaching experience and qualifications increases the chances of the candidate getting the job as the recruiter better understands their professional background. The education section is a vital indicator of the candidate's educational background relevant to the position and future endeavors. The skills, certificates, and awards sections influence the recruiter's decision-making process. These sections directly showcase the candidate's strengths, determination, and successes, which must be highlighted in the resume.

What is the best resume format for teachers?

The reverse chronological resume format is the best resume format for teachers. The reverse chronological resume format makes it easy for recruiters to determine a candidate's experience level by viewing their most recent position first, followed by their entire career. The reverse chronological format requires the teacher to list their latest employment first and then work backward, showcasing their career progression. Similarly, sections like teaching education, certificates, and teacher skills must be arranged chronologically, with the latest achievements listed first. The arrangement makes it significantly easier for recruiters to quickly assess a teacher's resume, allowing them to review it within seconds.

Listed below are the 3 other resume format types for a teacher.

  • Functional format: The functional format strongly emphasizes skills and education rather than focusing solely on teaching work experience when writing a teacher resume. The functional format recognizes numerous crucial teaching resume skills required for effective communication with students, parents, and throughout a teacher's career, all of which hold great significance for a potential recruiter. The functional format ensures that the teacher's skills for the resume are showcased prominently, catching the recruiter's attention immediately. The format is handy when a teacher has limited work experience or when there are gaps between different work experiences.
  • Combination format: The combination format incorporates functional and reverse chronological formats. The combination format emphasizes a teacher's resume skills and general knowledge upfront, followed by the experience they've gained in reverse chronological order. The recruiter easily accesses all the crucial details while reviewing the resume in a combination format.
  • Targeted format: The targeted resume is a specialized format designed explicitly to tailor the resume to a specific job vacancy or company. The teacher customizes the resume to align precisely with the requirements and preferences of the desired position or organization that the teacher intends to apply in a targeted format.

How to write a teacher's resume

The teacher's resume is written by filling in all the sections necessary for the resume after choosing the appropriate format for the teacher's resume. The teacher's resume begins with a clear title, followed by the essential contact information section, which holds paramount importance. An objective statement or resume summary for teachers is included at the beginning to help the recruiter immediately identify the candidate. The job description, work experience, and education sections are necessary for an educator's resume. 

These sections provide crucial insights into the candidate's professional background, teaching experience, and educational qualifications. A comprehensive list of teacher skills, certifications, and awards attained by the teacher must be incorporated into the resume. These elements further showcase the candidate's expertise, qualifications, and achievements. Listed below are 9 sections to write a sales resume:

Resume title for teacher

The resume title for a teacher must be placed at the top, providing a concise overview of their teaching experience, fundamental skills, and certifications in one sentence. The resume title must contain the teaching specialization to capture the recruiter's attention instantly. Keeping the title to a single sentence is crucial to maintaining a clear and impactful statement. Incorporating the number of years of teaching work experience within the title enhances the candidate's attractiveness and highlights their professionalism. Emphasizing unique qualifications or including the certificate's name in a title when possessing multiple significant certificates adds distinctiveness to the teacher's resume.

Special Education Teacher with experience in creating individualized learning plans

Contact info

The most crucial section of a resume for recruiters to contact the candidate is the contact information. The section must include the candidate's full name, phone number, email address, and location. Candidates include a LinkedIn profile link in their resume depending on the requirements, as some recruiters pay close attention to LinkedIn profiles. Contacting a candidate is primarily done through the provided information. Therefore, it's vital to ensure accuracy and avoid mistakes when filling out these details. Mistakes in contact information led to missed opportunities, causing the candidate to lose out on job prospects. Thorough attention is essential to make the candidate's resume effective in facilitating communication with potential employers.

Full Name: Emily Johnson

Address: 123 Oak Street, USA 56789

Phone: (555) 555-1234


Objective and Resume Summary for Teacher Resume

The candidate must include a well-structured summary highlighting their teaching experiences and the knowledge and skills acquired when writing a teacher resume. Therefore, it is highly recommended that teachers aiming to write a summary must have extensive experience and a strong background in the field. The resume summary for teachers showcases the candidate's unique experiences, significant contributions to their student's success, and noteworthy achievements they have attained throughout their career. It is essential to incorporate relevant keywords that match the specific job vacancy when writing the summary.

Candidates emphasize their professional goals when they prepare a teacher's objective for a resume. The approach is particularly suitable for candidates relatively new to the teaching profession. The candidate must emphasize their qualifications and articulate what they bring to the new job in the objective. It's crucial for the recruiter to ascertain at first glance how well the candidate aligns with the job requirements, as the objective must be enticing enough to encourage further exploration of the resume.

Summary example

A productive and inclusive learning environment is fostered by a committed and passionate elementary school teacher with over seven years of experience. Skilled at creating and executing lesson plans that are interesting and aligned with state standards, using various teaching techniques to meet different student learning requirements. Demonstrated proficiency in monitoring student development and utilizing data-driven tactics to improve academic performance. Strong collaborator who works closely with parents and coworkers to build a community that supports education. Dedicated to ongoing professional development and utilizing technology to improve the educational process.

Objective Example:

A future high school English teacher ready to infuse the classroom with energy and a student-centered philosophy. A recent English Education Bachelor's graduate with a strong love of language and literature. Expert at developing engaging classes that foster critical thinking and student participation. Devoted to inspiring a love of learning in kids and assisting them in achieving both academic and personal progress. I'm looking for a chance to add my passion and creativity to a team of passionate educators about teaching and learning.

Work experience

Organizing the work experience section in reverse chronological order is essential when crafting a teacher's resume. It means listing the most recent workplace first, followed by previous ones in descending order. Each teaching work experience must include the job title, the school or organization's name, and the duration of the candidate's employment there. Providing a comprehensive job description with details about responsibilities and qualifications is crucial to offer clarity to the recruiter. Highlighting all achievements and accomplishments acquired throughout the teaching career is highly beneficial. Moreover, showcasing any distinctive indicators that set the candidate apart from others within each workplace is essential. The recruiter quickly observes the candidate's previous roles and assesses how well their background aligns with the current position by presenting the work experience section.

Job title: Elementary school teacher

Employer: Kids Elementary school

Date: June 2022- July 2023


The qualifications section of a resume displays the candidate's acquired skills and knowledge, showcasing their accomplishments and contributions in previous positions. The qualifications section is crucial for recruiters as it clearly explains the candidate's capabilities and what they bring to the new role. Aligning qualifications with each teaching work experience is essential, presenting them in a well-structured format with critical points and bullet points. It's paramount to emphasize specific nuances that set the candidate apart from others within the "Qualifications" section. Essential teaching skills for a resume must be highlighted concisely. The approach allows the recruiter to quickly grasp the candidate's unique strengths and relevant qualifications for the job.

  • Effective at aligning curriculum development with state criteria and delivering a complete educational setting.
  • Knowledgeable about creating an environment in the classroom that values respectful debate, critical thinking, and open conversations.
  • Capable of assisting kids with their college and scholarship applications and placing them successfully at prestigious universities.
  • Excellent communication abilities, fostering good relationships with the school community, parents, and kids.

Teacher Resume With No Experience

Candidates who have studied to become teachers but lack professional experience must carefully craft their resumes by strategically organizing the education, transferable skills, and objective sections. Opting for a resume format highlighting these primary capabilities is crucial, considering the absence of prior work experience. Firstly, it's advisable to emphasize the candidate's educational background, showcasing any relevant qualifications and degrees they have attained since experience is not prioritized. 

Secondly, developing a compelling resume objective for a teacher that captures the attention of recruiters is vital. The candidate must demonstrate passion, enthusiasm, and dedication towards the teaching role, making a positive impression on potential employers even without experience. Thirdly, the skills for a teacher's resume are essential, especially for candidates lacking experience. Elaborating on transferable skills thoroughly showcases how well the candidate's abilities align with the job requirements. Lastly, including teaching-related certificates or awards in the resume expedites recruitment by underscoring their qualifications and achievements if the candidate has earned them.

Job description for teachers' resumes

The job description contains the candidate's work experiences and highlights the significant qualifications and key performance indicators achieved during their tenure at each workplace. The comprehensive approach allows the recruiter to understand the candidates' roles and responsibilities when reviewing their job descriptions. Workplaces are listed in chronological order, indicating job titles, company names, and the respective durations of employment. Qualifications and responsibilities are presented as complementary details. Each sentence commences with a resume power verb for a more impactful representation of qualifications. Opting for distinct and specific qualifications captures the recruiter's attention at an earlier stage.

High School English Teacher, YTR High School, Anytown, USA | April 2019 - Present

  • Execute well-structured lesson plans aligned with state curriculum requirements.
  • Assess learning progress using formative and summative assessments.
  • Communicate with students and encourage them to express their opinions.
  • Participate in workshops and conferences, staying abreast of the latest education practices.


The education section is undeniably one of the most crucial parts of a teaching resume. Employers expect candidates to possess at least a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Having a higher degree than the minimum requirement is highly appreciated and sets applicants apart from the rest. Including the institution's name, degree obtained, and years of study is essential when listing education details. The more appropriate approach is to record the information in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.


University of Southern California, Master of Arts in Teaching, 2017-2021

Skills for Teacher Resume / Skills to Put on Resume for Teacher

Skills in teaching careers represent one of the most critical resume sections, encompassing lesson planning, student interaction, and effective communication with parents and colleagues. Skills tied to a teacher's personal qualities are equally important. Resume skills for teachers are categorized into hard, soft, and technical skills. It's essential to prioritize those distinctive and set the candidate apart from others when listing skills. Emphasizing teaching skills for resumes ensures a focused and direct consideration by the recruiter. Demonstrating resume skills for teachers enables the recruiter to gauge candidates' suitability for the current position and future roles. Resume skills for teachers are presented both in a combined format and organized under specific categories.

Hard skills for teacher resume

Hard skills for a teacher's resume encompass abilities directly associated with teaching, acquired through teaching experience and practice. Hard skills represent the most crucial qualifications required to perform the job effectively. Recruiters assess teaching abilities based on these hard skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's proficiency for the position.

Listed below are the 10 hard skills for a teacher's resume.

  • Classroom management
  • Performance evaluations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Lesson planning
  • Behavior management
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Grading and record-keeping
  • Classroom safety
  • Test-creating
  • Education technology

Soft skills for teachers

Soft skills are intangible abilities connected to personal qualities that cannot be easily quantified or measured. Soft skills are significantly emphasized during the recruitment process by recruiters. Soft skills directly impact a teacher's communication with students and parents and problem-solving abilities.

Listed below are the 10 soft skills for teachers.

  • Multi-tasking
  • Punctuality
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Professionalism
  • Cultural Competence
  • Active listening

Technical skills for resume

The technical skills commonly found on a teacher's resume pertain to the proficient use of educational technologies and digital tools. Technical skills are essential for educators and are highly valued by employers in today's digital age. Therefore, including them on the resume is vital.

Listed below are the 10 technical skills for a teacher's resume.

  • Microsoft office software
  • Virtual Meeting
  • Electronic presentations
  • Electronic performance evaluations
  • Student data management
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Digital file management
  • Learning management systems
  • Databases
  • Educational software

How to list teacher certification on a resume

Certifications in a teacher's resume are essential indicators of their expertise, career progression, and accomplishments. Certifications must be listed with each certification's name, degree, and date. Certifications must be organized in the resume under a dedicated section, with the most recent ones listed first. Including only certificates relevant to teaching is crucial, as recruiters prioritize qualifications that align with the job's specific requirements. Notable features or specialties related to a particular certification are highlighted under the certification section.

Listed below are the 5 certificates for the educator's resume.

  • Early Childhood Education Certification: Early Childhood Education certification enhances a teacher's ability to teach and understand children and is a crucial addition to any teacher's resume.
  • CPR Certification For Children: CPR certification providing emergency care for children requires specific knowledge distinct from that for adults. Obtaining CPR certification for children is essential for teaching them the utmost safety.
  • State Teaching Certification: State teaching certification is necessary for working as a licensed teacher. The certificate holds immense significance for anyone pursuing a career in education.
  • Child Protection Certification: Child protection certification is one of the certifications that must be obtained to understand children and prevent child abuse.
  • Special Education Certification: Special education certification is mandatory to ensure educators have the necessary teacher skills and knowledge to teach students with disabilities effectively.


Including teaching awards in a resume demonstrates the candidate's success, determination, and competence as an educator. Therefore, it is essential to list the obtained awards with relevant details under a designated section in the educator's resume. Each award must be recorded with its title, receipt date, and recognition level. The awards must be listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent awards at the top to ensure easy review for recruiters. Awards with unique distinctions, special merits, or multiple indicators are significant and must be highlighted accordingly.

Outstanding Educator of the Year, 2022 January

Ablon School

What to Include on a Teacher Resume

Listed below are the 9 sections to include on a teacher's resume.

  • Resume Title: The resume title for teaching holds a prominent position on the resume, providing an instant glimpse of the candidate's teaching work experience and key strengths. It forms their initial impression of the candidate as recruiters read the concise sentence.
  • Contact Information: The contact information is the most critical and precise section. The section serves as the means for the recruiter to communicate directly with the candidate. Making any mistakes in the contact information section is detrimental to the candidate's job prospects.
  • Objective or Summary: The objective or summary section showcases a candidate's short-term accomplishments, skills, and overall experience. Candidates with more experience use a summary, while those without experience use an objective.
  • Work Experience: The work experience section holds excellent significance for recruiters, providing a detailed account of the candidate's professional background chronologically. It meticulously records all previous workplaces and relevant factors.
  • Job Description: The job description section offers a comprehensive overview as a cohesive extension of the work experience and qualifications sections. It lists the workplaces, their particulars, and essential qualifications.
  • Education: The education section presents a chronological overview of the candidate's academic journey, starting from the highest degree attained. Any notable achievements during that period are included in the section.
  • Skills: The skills section in a teaching resume is paramount as it captivates the recruiter's attention and showcases the candidate's suitability for the job. It encompasses hard, soft, and technical skills, effectively setting candidates apart from others and enhancing their chances of securing the position.
  • Certificates: The certificates section provides detailed information about the candidate's obtained certifications, directly influencing the recruitment process. Highlighting essential certificates in the resume holds significant value for recruiters during selection.
  • Awards: The awards section displays candidates' career achievements, reflecting their success, determination, and prowess. Recruiters pay close attention to the section during the hiring process, as it enhances the likelihood of the candidate's selection.

What not to include in a teacher's resume

Listed below are the 6 sections not to include in a teacher's resume.

  • Personal Information: Recruiters are not interested in personal information on teaching resumes, which does not affect recruitment. Therefore, it serves no purpose to include such details, taking up valuable space in the resume.
  • Unrelated Work: An unrelated work history does not mean a teacher has extensive experience. Recruiters do not consider unrelated work experiences when evaluating candidates' suitability for teaching positions.
  • Unprofessional Email Address: Unprofessional email addresses are unsuitable for a teaching resume and are not accepted by recruiters. They create a negative impression. Therefore, it is best to stay away from them.
  • Length: An ideal teaching resume must be one or a maximum of two pages long. Excessively lengthy resumes become challenging to read, and crucial information gets lost. Conversely, overly short resumes do not provide sufficient details for recruiters.
  • Spelling Errors: Spelling errors in a teaching resume make a candidate appear unprofessional. It leads to inconsistencies in data and creates a negative impression on the recruiter.
  • Salary Expectations: Salary expectations in a resume sometimes hinder job recruitment. Discussing salary expectations during the later stages of the hiring process is more appropriate.

How to Tailor a Teacher Resume

It is essential to meticulously attend to all the details and ensure their accurate completion to tailor a teacher's resume. Numerous companies utilize ATS software to screen resumes, which assesses them based on keywords before reaching the hiring manager. The candidate's chances of passing the initial screening are significantly increased by tailoring a resume to match the specific job vacancy. Consequently, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate its alignment with the job requirements when customizing the resume.

Listed below are the 5 factors to tailor a teacher's resume.

  • Check the job description: It is crucial to thoroughly review the job description and tailor it accordingly before composing an educator's resume. Aligning the required qualifications with the resume is essential.
  • Use keywords: Incorporating teacher resume keywords from the job description into the resume helps expedite the screening process.
  • Include all important sections: Ensure that the resume includes all essential details concerning work experience, education, skills, and achievements, presented in chronological order.
  • Emphasize student success: Specific accomplishments like facilitating student success must be highlighted in the resume. Such achievements make the resume stand out and distinguish the candidate from others.
  • Proofread the resume: It is essential to meticulously proofread it from start to finish after preparing the resume. Ensuring no errors in the teacher's resume is of utmost importance.

Keywords for teacher resume

Incorporating appropriate keywords into a teacher's resume demonstrates the candidate's professionalism and suitability for the role and more effectively catches potential employers' attention. First, the candidate must thoroughly examine the job description and the necessary responsibilities to identify these keywords. Secondly, it is important to cross-reference the required teacher skills described in the job description and include keywords that match them on the resume. Thirdly, teacher resume keywords must be strategically distributed throughout the resume, aligning with relevant skills, qualifications, and other sections. The approach grabs the recruiter's attention and streamlines the screening process.

Listed below are the 20 keywords for the teacher's resume.

  • Parent involvement
  • Student-centered learning
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom leadership
  • Interactive learning
  • Educational psychology
  • Special education
  • Classroom instruction
  • Curriculum development
  • Behavior analysis
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Patience
  • Collaboration
  • Motivate
  • Coach
  • Monitor
  • Guide
  • Coordinate
  • Demonstrate


How do you explain gaps in employment on a teacher's resume?

Addressing employment gaps is done through various approaches, such as selecting a different resume format, concealing months in the job history, showcasing activities undertaken during the gaps, or discussing gaps in a cover letter.

Firstly, opting for an alternative resume format helps fill the gaps effectively. Teaching work experience is prominently displayed, making gaps more noticeable in a reverse chronological design. However, the skills of a teacher's resume and education take precedence; work experience gaps become less apparent with a functional format. Secondly, it is advisable not to include specific months in the resume's work experience section. The gaps between employments are less conspicuous by only mentioning the years.

Thirdly, candidates explain that they spend the time during gaps to engage in further education and courses or acquire additional teacher skills. Fourthly, it is more suitable to explain gaps in a cover letter than the resume itself if detailed explanations are necessary. The approach allows the candidate to provide a comprehensive account, and the recruiter better understands the circumstances surrounding the gaps.

Should I include references? If so, what's the best way to do that?

No. Including references in a teaching resume is not recommended. References take up additional space in the resume and are not always required by recruiters. It results in a longer resume, making the review process more challenging. Preparing references as a separate document rather than including them in the resume is best if the recruiters request references. References are presented efficiently by simply providing their names and contact details. The separate document ensures that references are appropriately managed and presented when needed.

How long should I wait to follow up after I submit a resume for this job?

Candidates must wait approximately 1 to 2 weeks after submitting a teaching resume. It is essential to adhere to a specific timeframe if the job posting indicates it. Hence, candidates must carefully take note of the information when reviewing the vacancy. Candidates contact the recruiter via email or phone once the designated waiting period has passed. Expressing enthusiasm for the position during the contact must be highly effective and warmly welcomed by the recruiter. Demonstrating eagerness for the job enhances the candidate's chances of making a positive impression.

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