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November 14, 2023

Project Manager Resume: Tips, Templates & Examples

Craft an impressive project manager resume with our comprehensive guide. Get actionable tips and examples to stand out in your job search.

project manager resume tips

To write a project manager resume, candidates must emphasize their skills, experience, and achievements clearly and concisely. Highlighting leadership abilities and relevant experience is essential when creating a resume headline for a managerial position. A resume objective or summary statement is a brief paragraph at the beginning of a resume highlighting the applicant's qualifications, skills, and career goals. The contact information section in a project manager's resume must provide essential details for potential employers to reach out to. A project manager's work experience section on a resume must begin with his or her most recent jobs. The education section on a project manager's resume must highlight the project manager's academic qualifications. Including awards on a resume is a valuable way to showcase achievements, recognition, and the impact the candidates have made in their professional careers as project managers. Project manager skills for a resume are vital in showcasing the person's qualifications and expertise.

A project manager's resume must avoid irrelevant work experience, personal information, excessive jargon, generic job descriptions, unrelated hobbies, negative or controversial information, and references.

To tailor a project manager resume effectively, review the job description, identify relevant keywords, customize the professional summary/objective, highlight relevant work experience, showcase key achievements and metrics, align the skills and qualifications, customize education and certifications, adapt the language and tone, remove irrelevant information, and thoroughly check for errors and edit the document before submission.

Utilizing the correct phrases in the resume significantly enhances the applicants' chances of catching the attention of hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) in project management.

How to Write a Project Manager Resume

To write a project manager resume, candidates must emphasize their skills, experience, and achievements clearly and concisely. Here are 9 primary considerations to help project managers create an effective project manager resume.

1. Resume Headline for Manager

Highlighting leadership abilities and relevant experience is essential when creating a resume headline for a managerial position. The resume headline must be clear, impactful, and tailored to the specific managerial position the applicant is applying for. The resume headline for managers must show managers' leadership skills and the value they are able to bring to an organization.

Here are a few examples of resume headlines for a manager:

Results-oriented manager experienced in Project Management and Successful Team Leadership

Innovative Manager with a Talent for Problem-Solving and Driving Continuous Improvement

Experienced Project Manager adept at leading cross-functional teams to successful project completion

2. Project Manager Resume Objective & Summary Statement

A resume objective or summary statement is a brief paragraph at the beginning of a resume highlighting the applicant's qualifications, skills, and career goals. They provide a quick overview of the relevant experience and demonstrate how the candidate is able to contribute to the employer's objectives.

A resume objective is a brief statement outlining personal career goals and the position the candidate seeks. It is ideal for entry-level project managers or those transitioning to a new industry or role.

Project management resume objective example:

Highly motivated and detail-oriented professional with a bachelor's degree in project management. Seeking an entry-level project manager position to apply strong organizational skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork experience in driving successful project outcomes.

A comprehensive overview of the candidate's responsibilities, accomplishments, and impact in previous positions is essential when writing resume summary statements for project managers. Project managers must first outline their critical responsibilities and then highlight their skills, achievements, and accomplishments in a resume summary.

Professional summary for project manager example:

Dedicated Project Manager with 15 years of experience successfully leading projects from initiation to completion. Skilled in developing comprehensive project plans and defining objectives, scope, and timelines while ensuring optimal resource allocation. Well-versed in project management methodologies and tools, including MS Project and JIRA, for tracking progress, identifying and resolving issues, and delivering projects within budget and on schedule. Demonstrates exceptional leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, effectively motivating and guiding teams to success.

3. Contact info

The contact information section in a project manager's resume must provide essential details for potential employers to reach out to. The contact information section must be easily read and visually distinct from the rest of the resume. The contact info section on the resume typically includes the full name, phone number, physical address, email address, and LinkedIn profile (if applicable). This information allows recruiters or hiring managers to easily connect with the candidate for further communication and potential interviews. Ensuring that the contact information is accurate and up to date is crucial, as it allows employers to reach the project manager directly, minimizing any delays or miscommunications.

Contact information example:

John Watson 
Project Manager

Contact info

Physical Address: London, Baker St. 221B.
Phone Number: (123) 456-7890
Email Address: [email protected]

4. Work Experience

A project manager's work experience section on a resume must begin with his or her most recent jobs. The work experience section showcases the job title, company name, country, city, and employment dates.

Qualifications of a Manager in Resume

Qualifications of a manager in a resume must be outlined with bullet points under work experiences. It is crucial to highlight key responsibilities, accomplishments, skills, certifications, and the candidate's impact in each role when demonstrating capabilities. Applicants must highlight successful projects they managed, including their scope, objectives, and outcomes. It's crucial to showcase problem-solving skills, decision-making processes, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Work experiences & Qualifications project management resume examples:

Work Experiences

Project Manager | Exxon Inc. | Austin, TX | October 2018 - June 2020

  • Identify and mitigate project risks and issues, proactively implement strategies to minimize their impact, and ensure project success.
  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration and foster a cohesive team environment, promoting open communication, knowledge sharing, and effective decision-making.
  • Monitor project performance, track critical metrics and milestones, and implement corrective actions when necessary to keep projects on track.
  • Conduct regular project status meetings, providing updates to stakeholders and addressing any concerns or roadblocks.

5. Project Manager Job Description for Resume

A comprehensive overview of the project manager's responsibilities, accomplishments, and impact in previous positions is essential when writing a job description on a resume. Use bullet points to separate different duties and achievements, making it easier for hiring managers to scan and identify essential information. Start each bullet point with a strong action verb to convey a sense of accomplishment and impact. It's critical to be clear and use industry-specific terminology to demonstrate knowledge and expertise. Make sure the work experience section is straightforward while providing enough detail.

Here are examples of project management descriptions for a resume.

  • Develop comprehensive project plans, including scope, objectives, deliverables, and resource allocation, in collaboration with stakeholders and cross-functional teams.
  • Communicate project goals, progress, and updates to stakeholders effectively, ensuring alignment and managing expectations throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Manage project budgets, ensuring accurate financial tracking and timely reports to stakeholders.
  • Oversee project documentation, including project charters, schedules, risk registers, and change requests, ensuring they are accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to project teams.
  • Collaborate with clients and external vendors, maintaining solid relationships and managing their expectations throughout project delivery.
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to project team members, fostering their professional growth and ensuring high-quality project outcomes.

      6. Education

      The education section on a project manager's resume must highlight the project manager's academic qualifications. The candidates must show their degree, university or institution, location, and date in the education section. Highlight any coursework or specialization relevant to project management, if applicable. These courses include project planning, risk management, and Agile methodologies.

      Education section for a project manager on a resume example:


      Bachelor of Science in Project Management
      Tufts University | Medford, MA | 2020

      It is essential to list the degrees in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. Recently graduated project managers are able to place the education section before the work experience section if they have limited work experience.

      Long-term experience reduces the importance of the education section on a resume. However, senior project managers are advised to include education on their resumes.

      7. Skills

      Project manager skills for a resume are vital in showcasing the person's qualifications and expertise. Applicants have to include relevant skills in the project management role. Focus on technical, hard, and soft skills that are valued in the industry. Group these skills into categories to make it easier for employers to identify specific areas of expertise.

      Include industry-specific keywords and phrases when listing project manager skills for a resume. Using specific keywords helps the resume stand out in applicant tracking systems (ATS) and catch the attention of hiring managers.

      Hard Skills for Project Managers

      Hard skills for project managers are the specific technical abilities and knowledge essential for effectively managing projects. These skills enable project managers to plan, execute, and control projects in a structured and efficient manner. Here are some hard skills for project managers.

      • Budgeting and Financial Management
      • Risk Management
      • Quality Management
      • Change Management
      • Stakeholder Management
      • Project Management Methodologies
      • Technical Knowledge
      • Procurement and Contract Management

        Soft Skills for Project Managers

          Soft skills are non-technical, interpersonal skills essential for effective communication, collaboration, and leadership. Project managers rely on soft skills to manage teams, build relationships, and navigate the dynamic nature of projects. The following are some vital soft skills for project managers.

          • Leadership
          • Communication
          • Collaboration
          • Problem-Solving
          • Adaptability
          • Time Management
          • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
          • Emotional Intelligence
          • Decision-Making
          • Critical Thinking
          • Presentation and Influence
          • Organization
          • Team management
          • Motivation
          • Active listening

          Technical Skills for Project Manager

          Technical skills for project managers encompass the specific knowledge and expertise required to manage projects within a particular field or industry. These skills are essential for understanding the technical aspects of the project, coordinating with technical teams, and ensuring successful project delivery. Here are some common technical skills for project managers.

          • Project Management Tools (Microsoft Project, JIRA, Asana, Trello, or similar platforms to plan, track, and manage project progress)
          • Data Analysis and Reporting
          • Quality Assurance
          • Contract Management
          • Business Analysis
          • Agile Methodologies
          • Technical Documentation
          • Scrum Methodologies
          • Waterfall Metodologies
          • PRINCE2 Methodologies

            8. Certifications

            Including relevant certifications on a resume enhances qualifications and demonstrates an individual's commitment to professional development. Including certificates in a separate "Certifications" section on a project manager's resume or incorporating them within the "Education" section is possible. It is acceptable to include certificates within parentheses after listing educational qualifications in the Education section.

            For example: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (PMP certified).

            The "certifications" section must include certifications for the project manager role, starting with the certificate's name, followed by the certifying organization, and adding the certification's year or date. Highlighting certifications most relevant to the project management role applicants are applying for is recommended. Prioritize the certifications aligned with the job requirements or demonstrate expertise in specific project management methodologies.

            Here's an example of how certifications are displayed on a resume for a project manager:


            Project Management Professional (PMP) | Project Management Institute (PMI) | 2020

            Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) | Scrum Alliance | 2022

            Remember to keep the formatting consistent with the rest of the resume and ensure that certifications are easily visible and legible.

            9. Awards

            Including awards on a resume is a valuable way to showcase achievements, recognition, and the impact the candidates have made in their professional careers as project managers. Project manager candidates must set aside a specific section like "Awards" or "Achievements" to show awards on a resume. Using a separate section for awards allows them to stand out and catch the reader's attention. Candidates have to start by listing the name or title of the award, ensuring the use of a precise title that accurately represents the recognition received. It's important to mention the organization or entity that presented the award. Then, include the year or date when the award was received. It's recommended to provide a brief description or explanation of the award. The awards must be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent or prestigious ones. This method ensures that the most notable recognitions are immediately visible to the reader.

            Here are project manager achievements examples.


            Project Manager of the Year | Gray Organization | 2021

            Recognized for exceptional leadership and successful complex project delivery, resulting in significant cost savings.

            Team Collaboration Award | Algo Company | 2019

            Acknowledged for fostering a collaborative team culture, improving productivity, and successful project outcomes.

            Remember to be selective in including awards and focus on the most relevant and significant ones. It's essential to balance showcasing achievements without overwhelming the resume with an extensive list of awards. Highlighting relevant awards enhances a project manager's credibility and demonstrates their ability to deliver successful projects.

            What NOT to Include in a Project Manager Resume

            It's essential to be mindful of what to exclude to ensure a concise and impactful document when crafting a project manager resume. Here are a few things project managers must avoid while creating a resume.

            • Irrelevant Work Experience: Exclude any work experiences not directly relevant to the project management role. Focus on showcasing positions and responsibilities that demonstrate project management skills and achievements.
            • Personal Information: Avoid including personal details such as marital status, age, religious beliefs, or political affiliations. These details are irrelevant to project manager qualifications and lead to potential biases during the hiring process.
            • Excessive Jargon or Acronyms: Demonstrating knowledge and expertise is essential, but avoid excessive industry jargon or acronyms the reader does not understand. Use precise language that technical and non-technical stakeholders easily understand.
            • Generic Job Descriptions: Describe achievements, responsibilities, and contributions as a project manager instead of simply providing generic job descriptions. Tailor descriptions to showcase how you successfully led and delivered projects, solved problems, or improved processes.
            • Unrelated Hobbies or Interests: It's best to leave out hobbies and interests that aren't directly related to project management. Employers are primarily interested in professional qualifications and relevant skills.
            • Negative or Controversial Information: Avoid including negative or controversial information, such as past disputes or disagreements with previous employers or colleagues. Maintain a positive tone throughout the resume and focus on highlighting strengths and accomplishments.
            • References: It is not necessary to include references directly on a resume. The project manager must provide a separate document or mention that references are available upon request. Save space on the resume for more critical information.

            How to Tailor a Project Manager Resume

            Tailoring the project management resume is crucial to effectively showcase qualifications and increase the chances of landing the desired job. A tailored resume demonstrates the applicant's genuine interest in the position and shows the employer that candidates have taken the time to understand their needs. To tailor a project manager resume, follow the provided tips.

            1. Review the job description. Look at the job description and note the critical requirements, responsibilities, and skills the employer seeks as a project manager. Understand the specific needs of the position and the organization.
            2. Identify relevant keywords. Highlight the project management keywords and phrases in the job description, such as specific project management methodologies, software tools, or industry-specific terms. These keywords help candidates align their resume with the employer's expectations.
            3. Customize the professional summary/objective. Tailor the professional summary or objective statement to reflect the candidate's fit for the position. Highlight pertinent qualifications, skills, and achievements that directly relate to the requirements mentioned in the job description.
            4. Highlight relevant work experience. Review the work experience section and select the projects, responsibilities, and achievements that align with the desired qualifications. Emphasize the projects where successfully managed budgets, timelines, and resources, and highlight any relevant industry experience.
            5. Showcase key achievements and metrics. Include specific accomplishments demonstrating the project manager's impact. Quantify the achievements and metrics when possible, such as completing projects ahead of schedule, achieving cost savings, or improving team productivity.
            6. Align the skills and qualifications of a manager in a resume. Update the skills section to include the essential skills and qualifications mentioned in the job description. Prioritize the skills most relevant to the position, such as project planning, risk management, stakeholder communication, or specific software proficiencies.
            7. Customize education and certifications. The additional certifications or education must be aligned with the job requirements, so they must be highlighted prominently. Include any relevant coursework, certificates, or professional development activities related to project management.
            8. Adapt the language and tone. Adjust the resume's language, tone, and terminology to match the organization's culture and industry. Avoid generic or vague statements and use industry-specific language to demonstrate expertise and familiarity with the field.
            9. Remove irrelevant information. Eliminate irrelevant information, such as work experiences or skills not directly applicable to the project management role. Streamline the resume to focus on the most important and relevant details.
            10. Check for errors and edit. Proofread the resume for any grammatical errors, typos, or inconsistencies carefully. Ensure that the formatting is consistent, well-organized, and visually appealing.

            Project Management Buzzwords for Resume

            Utilizing the correct phrases in the resume significantly enhances the applicants' chances of catching the attention of hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) in project management. Buzzwords are overused and vague phrases that often do not carry specific meanings but are commonly used in the industry. It's essential to use them judiciously and ensure the buzzwords convey meaningful information, while buzzwords sometimes add flair to the resume. Candidates are able to use buzzwords sparingly on their resume to convey personality, creativity, and uniqueness. Here are some project management buzzwords that project manager candidates must eliminate to use in their resumes.

            • Responsible
            • Dynamic
            • Out-of-the-box thinking
            • Result-driven
            • Go-getter
            • Innovative
            • Hard worker
            • Team player
            • Works well under pressure
            • Quick learner
            • People person
            • Bottom-line focused
            • Problem solver
            • Perfectionist
            • Best-in-class

            Project Management Keywords

            Project management keywords are specific terms or phrases directly related to the project manager's job requirements and qualifications. Project management resume keywords help the resume pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and match the job description's criteria. It's essential to use keywords on the resume naturally and contextually. Applicants tracking systems require specific skills and experiences to be considered for a job. Below are some project management keywords that must be included on the resume.

            • Data Design and Modeling
            • KPIs
            • Planning & Scheduling
            • Risk Management
            • Impact Assessment
            • Financial Analysis
            • Data Analysis
            • Resource Allocation
            • Deployment Management
            • Stakeholder Management
            • Roadmap
            • Scope Management
            • Project Life Cycle
            • Quality Control
            • Change Management
            • Process Improvement
            • Process Development
            • Due Diligence
            • Testing & Development
            • Budget Control
            • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
            • Scrum
            • IT System Management
            • Project Phase Design

            Project Manager Resume Example

            Project manager resume example

            Below are key takeaways of what makes these project management resume examples good.

            1. Structured Layout: The project manager resume template is organized to allow easy access to relevant information, aiding the hiring manager in quickly assessing the candidate's qualifications.
            2. Visually Pleasing Design: The minimalistic design of the project manager resume template ensures that the content remains the focal point, preventing it from appearing cluttered or overwhelming.
            3. Contact Information: Multiple modes of communication are provided, ensuring seamless communication between the recruiter and the applicant.
            4. Summary: A concise summary highlights the candidate's strengths and expertise, providing an overview of their suitability for the position.
            5. Work Experience: The candidate's work history is briefly outlined, emphasizing key roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments.
            6. Skills: Relevant skills essential for a project manager role are clearly listed, demonstrating the candidate's capabilities.
            7. Education: The candidate's educational background, including degrees and completed programs, is included for reference.
            8. Keywords: The project management resume sample incorporates relevant project manager keywords, enhancing its compatibility with applicant tracking systems.

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Use a Resume Template: Utilizing a professionally designed project manager example resume ensures that essential information is presented effectively. Platforms like Career Expert offer various templates to choose from.
            2. Highlight Soft Skills and Hard Skills: The project manager example resume effectively balances both soft and hard skills, enhancing the candidate's suitability for the role by showcasing a diverse skill set.

            Overall, the sample resume for management positions appears to be well-structured, visually appealing, and tailored to meet the requirements of a project manager position.

            Technical Project Manager Resume

            Technical Project Manager Resume

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Highlight Achievements with Metrics: Quantify accomplishments and use KPIs to demonstrate impact. This provides clarity on the candidate's performance and output, surpassing simple duty lists.
            2. Ensure Accurate Contact Details: Verify and update contact information to facilitate seamless communication with recruiters.
            3. Include Education: Add a section for higher education, especially for organizations valuing university degrees. Highlight notable achievements like high GPAs or honors degrees to boost credibility.

            Program Manager Resume Examples

            Program Manager Resume Examples

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Craft a Clear Summary: Incorporate a concise project manager summary outlining the candidate's main areas of expertise. The brief overview provides insight into the candidate's strengths and competencies.
            2. Highlight Relevant Work Experience: Include appropriate work experience that aligns with employer expectations. Highlight achievements and responsibilities to showcase the candidate's capabilities effectively.

            Change Management Resume

            Change Management resume

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Incorporate Education Section: Include all degrees earned, particularly as many corporations require at least a bachelor's degree. Candidates who have completed a master's degree highlight this achievement in their change management resume, boosting their qualifications.
            2. Add Website Links: Candidates with relevant personal websites must include them in the header, as demonstrated in this change management resume. Adding a LinkedIn profile is advantageous, particularly if the applicant regularly updates it, as it provides hiring managers with deeper insights into the candidate's professional background and accomplishments.

            assistant project manager resume examples

            Assistant Project Manager Resume Examples

            PRO TIP:

            • Incorporate Work Location: Candidates with prior experience in different cities opt to include the location of their previous workplace–this showcases their flexibility and willingness to relocate if required, adding a valuable dimension to their assistant project manager resume.

            community manager resume


            PRO TIPS:

            • Highlight Foreign Language Proficiency: Candidates with working proficiency in languages other than their native tongue must include these additional languages in their community manager resume, as it is particularly advantageous when applying to international corporations, showcasing the candidate's ability to communicate effectively across different cultures and regions.

            product manager resumes

            Product Manager Resume

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Establish Logical Structure: The product manager resume employs a coherent structure comprising a summary, work experience, and education. Adhering to this universally recognized arrangement facilitates quick identification of essential information by recruiters.
            2. Adopt Neutral Design: A minimalist layout ensures product manager resumes are easy to read and free from unnecessary clutter, directing attention to the provided information. Using this design approach keeps the focus on the candidate's qualifications and experiences.

            real estate project manager

            Real Estate Project Manager Example

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Incorporate Relevant Keywords: Ensure the real estate project manager resume contains appropriate keywords throughout each section, enhancing its compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Strategic placement of keywords improves the resume's visibility to recruiters.
            2. Highlight Essential Skills: Emphasize key skills essential for real estate project managers, including both soft and hard skills. A well-balanced mix of these skills increases the resume's appeal to recruiters, showcasing the candidate's suitability for the role.

            marketing project manager resume

            Marketing Project Manager Resume

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Utilize Descriptive Language: The marketing project manager resume employs action verbs to articulate previous work responsibilities, effectively illustrating the candidate's work experience and impact. A descriptive approach enhances the resume's effectiveness in conveying the candidate's capabilities.
            2. Maintain Consistent Sentence Structure: Ensuring uniformity in sentence structure, such as starting each sentence with a verb in the present tense, enhances the resume's readability and coherence. Consistency in structure makes it easier for recruiters to follow the candidate's professional trajectory and accomplishments.

            agile project manager resume

            Agile Project Manager Resume

            PRO TIPS:

            1. Highlight Certifications and Courses: Candidates who have undergone specialized training and participated in relevant courses must prominently showcase their certifications in the agile project manager resume, demonstrating ongoing professional development and proficiency in the field of agile project management.


            How do you explain gaps in employment on a project manager's resume?

            Explaining gaps in employment on a project manager's resume requires a direct and concise approach. It's essential to be transparent about the reason for the break without oversharing personal details when addressing employment gaps. Use the opportunity to briefly explain any life circumstances that caused the gap, such as taking a sabbatical, pursuing further education or training, or caring for family members. Using a functional resume instead of a reverse-chronological one is essential to highlight the strengths, talents, and experiences rather than dates. Showcase any freelance work, volunteer projects, or relevant certifications obtained during the gap to demonstrate continuous professional development and engagement. Potential employers are reassured of the candidate's commitment to the field and readiness to contribute effectively as project managers by framing their explanation positively and focusing on the skills and experiences acquired during the break.

            What is The Best Resume Format for a Project Manager Position?

            The best resume format for a project manager position is typically the reverse-chronological format. The reverse-chronological format places a candidate's most recent and relevant work experiences at the top, allowing recruiters to see their recent accomplishments and qualifications quickly.

            The reverse-chronological format is particularly effective for project managers because it emphasizes their work history, showcasing their progressive career growth and highlighting their most recent project successes. Hiring managers widely recognize and prefer this format, making scanning resumes easier and identifying candidates' suitability for the role.

            Should I include references? If so, what's the best way to do that?

            No, including references directly on a resume is generally unnecessary in modern resume writing. Having references in a resume makes it look cluttered and takes up valuable space that is better used to showcase the candidate's skills and experiences. It is more common to provide references in a separate document when an employer requests this information. You demonstrate professionalism when you provide references separately when requested, and you make it easier for the employer to contact your references when they are ready to consider your application.

            How long should I wait to follow up after I submit a resume for this job?

            Waiting two weeks after submitting your resume for a job is generally good practice. This timeframe allows the employer sufficient time to review applications and shortlist candidates for the next stage of the hiring process. Consider sending a polite and concise email inquiring about your application's status and expressing your continued interest in the position. Use this opportunity to reiterate your essential qualifications and how you are able to contribute to the company's success. Your patience and professionalism are evident, while your enthusiasm for the role is displayed by waiting a reasonable period before following up.

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