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November 13, 2023

Sales resume: Tips, Templates & Examples

A sales manager formulates sales objectives, devises and refines sales strategies, and inspires the team to succeed. Consequently, a well-crafted professional resume becomes imperative in the field. The blog provides a comprehensive guide on preparing a top-notch resume tailored specifically for a sales manager.

sales resume tips

The reverse chronological resume format is the best resume format for sales. A suitable resume format must be chosen to write a sales resume and provide all the necessary information related to sales. There are 9 sections to put on a sales resume, including the headline, contact information, objective or summary, work experience, qualifications, education, skills, certifications, and awards. Candidates must diligently attend to every resume detail to tailor it specifically for the sales industry and optimize it for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software. Sales resume keywords are essential as buzzwords for a sales resume, encompassing skills, action verbs, industry-specific words, and sales-related terminology.

The sales resume headline is the first element that showcases the candidate's years of experience, leaving an initial impression on the recruiter. Contact information, a crucial section in all resumes, is of utmost importance for the recruiter to establish communication with the candidate, making any errors in the section unacceptable. The objective or summary, comprising 2-3 sentences, conveys to the recruiter the candidate's capabilities for the job. 

The work experience section highlights the candidate's previous sales roles and is paramount in the direct hiring process. The education section must be included in the resume to present the candidate's education in sales to the recruiter. Certifications, awards, and skills are critical for individuals seeking to work in the sales industry. These sections differentiate the candidate from others and strongly influence the recruiter's choices.

What is the best resume format for sales?

The reverse chronological resume format is the best resume format for sales. The reverse chronological sales resume format enables recruiters to quickly assess and evaluate the progression of a candidate's sales career, the milestones achieved, and the skills acquired throughout the journey. Experiences are presented backward, starting with the most recent experiences in a reverse chronological resume. It means that the most recent sales roles or companies take precedence, followed by the most recent educational background, recently obtained skills and certifications. The reverse chronological resume format is recommended when preparing a sales resume.

Listed below are the 3 other resume formats for sale.

  • Functional format: The functional format is a resume emphasizing skills and sales qualifications rather than following chronological order. The functional format is typically utilized when there are significant gaps in work experience or when the applicant lacks work experience.
  • Combination format: The combination format blends elements from functional and reverse chronological sales resume formats. The combination format allows the recruiter to observe the essential knowledge and skills for sales and the candidate's work experience.
  • Targeted format: The targeted resume format is a specialized format tailored to meet the specific requirements of a particular company and job vacancy. The targeted format is crafted by highlighting the attributes and skills that align with the company's needs and the demands of the position.

How to write a sales resume

A suitable resume format must be chosen to write a sales resume and provide all the necessary information related to sales. A reverse chronological format is preferred for a sales resume. Each section must be completed in the prescribed order once the format is selected. It is essential to begin with detailed contact information and craft an attention-grabbing objective statement to capture the recruiter's interest when composing a resume for a sales associate. The work experience, education, skills, certifications, and awards sections must be completed, highlighting the most significant sales factors. Listed below are 6 sections to write a sales resume.

Resume Headline for Sales Manager

The resume headline for a sales manager is a concise, one-sentence statement positioned at the beginning of the resume. The resume headline allows the recruiter to assess the candidate's suitability for the job quickly. The purpose of a resume headline is to showcase the candidate's level of work experience while providing a brief glimpse into their strengths and skills. The resume headline must be memorable and limited to a single sentence to create an appealing, attention-grabbing headline. It is advisable to include the adjective to enhance its impact when formulating a headline for a resume for a sales associate. The resume headline must feature the professional title and specify the number of years of experience in the field, as it is a crucial detail.

7 years of experience as a high-performing sales manager, increasing revenue and delivering client acquisition.

Contact info

The contact information section is the most essential part of a sales resume, as it is in all resumes. The contact information section serves as the means for the recruiter to establish contact and initiate the hiring process. It must include the candidate's full name, phone number, email address, and complete physical address. A hyperlink to that profile is included in the contact information if the candidate possesses a LinkedIn profile. It is advisable to provide the city, street, and zip code without using any abbreviations when entering address details. Careful attention must be given when inputting information in the sales resume. It is crucial to double-check for accuracy to avoid any mistakes that hinder the recruiter's ability to contact the candidate. Utilizing a professional email address is essential when providing email contact information.

Full name: Daniel Wilson

Address: Canada, Cityville, 223 Elm Avenue, A2B 4C5

Phone number: (123) 658-8975

Email: [email protected]

Linkedin profile:

Objective & Summary for Sales Resume

The objective section in a sales resume articulates how the skills and abilities from previous roles contribute to the desired position. The objective for a sales resume must reflect a genuine interest in the work and be concise, presenting clear ideas. Emphasizing the experience gained is crucial, as it demonstrates the capacity to excel in a new job. Highlighting future career goals is advantageous.

The summary section in a sales resume typically comprises 2 or 3 sentences to showcase the candidate's skills, abilities, and suitability for the job. The summary section allows the recruiter to assess the candidate's compatibility with the position quickly. The candidate must briefly highlight their experience, skills, and accomplishments when crafting a summary for a sales resume. Incorporating keywords into a sales summary further enhances the chances of the resume being evaluated. It is best to keep the sales summary concise and present it in a specific and distinct style, setting it apart from generic statements.

Objective Example

I am an experienced sales manager seeking a position in the clothing sector, with over 7 years of industry expertise. I am eager to apply and enhance my sales skills and adeptness in building customer relationships to drive consistent sales and continuously boost the company's revenue.

Summary Example

Experienced sales professional with three years of sales experience in the production industry is looking to leverage communication and customer service abilities to maintain existing client connections and forge new ones through leads and calls to maintain a steady success rate. 2019 sales revenue growth of 35% by using new sales strategies.

Work experience

One of the crucial elements in preparing a sales resume is providing a comprehensive account of work experience. Opting for the chronological order format is most suitable as it lets the recruiter grasp job-related information quickly. The recommended format for a sales resume entails listing the most recent job first, followed by the subsequent positions in sequential order. Each job entry must include the job title, duration of employment, and the company name. It is essential to elaborate on achievements and responsibilities under each job, providing detailed information that is easily understandable for the recruiter. Accomplishments like a 20% increase in sales must be articulated as key responsibilities and contributions within the workplace.

Job title: Sales Manager

Employer: VB company

Date: July 2022-June 2023

Sales resume with no experience

Individuals seeking employment in the sales field without prior sales experience must prioritize highlighting their abilities and skills for sales resumes. Firstly, it is essential for these individuals to create a compelling summary or sales resume objective that captivates the recruiter's attention. Focusing on the specific requirements of the desired job, they increase their chances of securing the position by persuasively showcasing their abilities and skills. Secondly, transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving must be prominently mentioned in the resume. Thirdly, any sales-related courses undertaken must be listed in detail, one by one, within the entry-level sales resume. Including any achievements, projects, or internships relevant to sales is crucial. It is advisable to mention anything sales-related that grabs the recruiter's attention and differentiates oneself from candidates lacking other relevant experience.


The qualifications section of a resume serves as an explanatory component that showcases both the candidate's skills and the experience gained from previous workplaces, along with their corresponding outcomes. The qualifications make assessing the candidate's suitability for the position easier. It is crucial to thoroughly review the required skills and job-specific details and tailor the content accordingly.

  • Acquiring 200+ new customers per month
  • Exceeding sales targets by 35% through effective selling to existing customers
  • Obtaining customer information and engaging with them across multiple communication channels
  • Resolving customer issues to ensure satisfaction.
  • Implementing new sales strategies based on continuous research and analysis.

Salesman job description for resume

Including the job title, duration of employment, key responsibilities, and sales qualifications within the job description section is essential when crafting a resume for a sales associate. The salesman job description must emphasize the candidate's skills, achievements, and successes. The recruiter comprehensively understands the job, its duration, and the candidate's specific actions and attributes associated with the role.

Job Description: Salesman

Company Name: AL Corporation

Date: May 2014-August 2017

Key Responsibilities & Qualifications
  • Acquire new clients through cold calling, networking, and recommendations
  • Give thorough product presentations and demonstrations to prospective customers, highlighting the advantages and value of the products.
  • Build high levels of customer satisfaction and promote repeat business, cultivate and maintain strong connections with current clients.
  • Analyze client demands and specifications to create solutions specifically tailored to their problems.
  • Close deals after negotiations with customers, ensuring that all terms and conditions are met to benefit both parties.


Adding an education section to a sales resume is essential as it indicates the candidate's skills and qualifications for a sales career. It is still beneficial to mention higher education degrees if the candidate possesses them, while many sales positions only require a high school diploma. Highlighting education degrees positively impacts the candidate's selection in cases where the candidate holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree. It is essential to emphasize the degree earned, the educational institution attended, and the years of study when including education details in the resume. Mentioning educational achievements, such as a good GPA or honors, in the resume is advantageous.

Baylor University, Bachelor of Science in Sales Management, 2017-2021.

Skills for sales resume

The skills section of a sales resume is a vital component that sets the candidate apart from others and showcases their sales abilities and competencies. The skills section is crucial to focus on sales-related skills as these are of utmost importance to recruiters hiring for sales positions. Including the most sought-after skills in sales and aligning them with the requirements outlined in the job vacancy is beneficial. Highlighting unique and distinguishing skills is an advantage. Sales resume skills are categorized as hard, soft, or technical and are listed separately or combined within the resume. The critical point is ensuring the skills listed are relevant to the sales position.

Hard skills for sales resume

Hard skills for a sales resume encompass the candidate's specific abilities directly relevant to sales. Hard skills showcase the candidate's proficiency in sales, setting them apart from competitors and highlighting their contributions to the sales process. Hard skills hold significant influence over the candidate's hiring prospects.

Listed below are the 10 hard skills for a sales resume.

  • Sales techniques
  • Social selling
  • Lead generation
  • Market research
  • Sales reports
  • Data analysis
  • Product knowledge
  • CRM software
  • Presentation software
  • Active listening

Soft skills for sales resume

Soft skills for a sales resume encompass the candidate's interpersonal abilities directly impacting their behavior and customer communication. Soft skills enable the salesperson to comprehend customer needs and tailor their selling approach accordingly. Emphasizing soft sales resume skills in a resume is crucial as it allows recruiters to assess the candidate's communication prowess with customers and their ability to attract new customers or maintain existing ones. The insight sheds light on the candidate's customer-oriented competencies and potential value to the company.

Listed below are the 10 soft skills for sales resumes.

  • Communication
  • Cold calling
  • Problem-solving
  • Networking skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Organizational skills
  • Persuasive skills
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal skills

Technical skills for sales resume

Technical skills for a sales resume encompass the specific knowledge and abilities required for sales, particularly those that involve working with specific tools and software. Technical skills are important as they are grounded in practical application, making them a decisive factor in the candidate selection process for sales roles.

Listed below are the 7 technical skills for a sales resume.

  • Sales analytics tool
  • Digital sales tools
  • Sales prospecting tools
  • Technical product knowledge
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Closing techniques
  • Post-sale relationship


Certifications hold significant value in the hiring process as they demonstrate the candidate's professionalism in the sales industry and personal development, serving as a testament to their sales-related skills. Including the certifications in the resume under a dedicated "Certifications" section is essential, providing all relevant details, such as the certificate's name, issuing institution, and date of attainment. Noteworthy aspects or nuances related to a specific certificate are mentioned alongside it. Specific certifications are highly recommended to be included in a sales resume.

Listed below are the 7 certificates for sales resumes.

  • Certified Sales Associate: CSA certification is crucial, particularly for entry-level positions. It is recommended for individuals with at least 6 months of sales experience.
  • Certified Professional Salesperson: CPSP certification is highly valued for candidates aspiring to work in sales. It encompasses sales strategies and successful business practices. The certification is especially beneficial for enhancing customer communication skills.
  • Certified Inside Sales Professional: CISP certification is highly recommended. It provides valuable insights and expertise from hands-on sales experience for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of sales.
  • Certified Professional Sales Leader: CPSL certification suits sales managers and team leaders. It is a vital certification for effective team management and leadership in a sales environment.
  • Certified Master Sales Professional: CMSP certification is designed for those who wish to advance their expertise in sales, even if they already have an established sales career. It is a prestigious certificate that signifies mastery in the field.
  • Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist: The CSSCS certificate focuses on customer engagement strategies, purchasing options, and principles of effective customer interaction.
  • SPIN Selling: SPIN Selling certification is highly recommended as it dramatically enhances sales skills and covers crucial topics such as understanding purchasing decisions. It is regarded as one of the most significant certifications to include on a resume.


Awards allow candidates to showcase their accomplishments and strengths while providing the recruiter with valuable insights to streamline selection. Awards must be emphasized within the section to increase the likelihood of being hired if it is of exceptional importance and value. Create a dedicated section for awards and specifically highlight sales-related accolades. It is vital to mention its title, level of recognition, and date received when listing an award. Arranging the awards in reverse chronological order is recommended, with the most recent ones appearing first. Writing the awards section in a professional tone adds to the overall quality of the sales resume.


Salesperson of The Year 2022

Stellar Solution Inc. December 2022

What to put on a sales resume?

Listed below are the 9 sections to put on a sales resume.

  • Headline: The headline serves as the opening statement in the resume and is best kept to a single sentence. It must briefly mention the candidate's years of work experience and highlight relevant sales qualifications. Including the professional title in the headline lets the recruiter quickly grasp the candidate's profile.
  • Contact information: The contact information section is of utmost importance in a sales representative's resume as it allows the recruiter to reach out to the candidate easily. It must include the full name, phone number, email address, and location.
  • Objective & Summary: The objective or summary is essential to showcase the candidate's skills, suitability for the role, and what they bring to the job, which consists of 2-3 sentences.
  • Work experience: The work experience section holds significant weight in securing a new job and is presented in the work experience section. All positions must be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent one, accompanied by the duration of employment.
  • Qualifications: The qualifications are crucial in a sales resume to complement the work experience section. The section highlights the candidate's specific responsibilities and achievements in each role, providing concrete evidence of their professional progress for the recruiter's evaluation.
  • Education: The education section is a primary indicator of suitability for a sales position, showcasing the candidate's acquired knowledge relevant to sales. Education must be listed in chronological order, like the work experience section.
  • Skills: It is crucial to outline the candidate's skillset comprehensively. Therefore, all relevant skills essential for sales must be listed in the sales representative's resume.
  • Certifications: The certifications are highly recommended when starting a career in sales or aiming to become an expert. It is essential to mention all relevant certificates that are valuable and applicable to sales in the resume.
  • Awards: The awards distinguish a candidate from others and demonstrate their success in sales. It is advisable to include mention of awards in the resume, and if there are any noteworthy details associated with a particular award, it is appropriate to highlight them as well.

What not to include in a sales resume?

Listed below are the 7 sections not included in a sales resume.

  • Text-Only Metrics: Highlighting achievements with specific numbers adds interest and credibility. A salesperson's success relies heavily on their sales numbers, making it crucial for recruiters to focus on quantifiable results in a sales resume.
  • Rounded Numbers: Using rounded numbers in a sales resume appears less authentic to recruiters. It is more appropriate to present numbers without rounding for a more accurate representation.
  • Irrelevant Experience: Including unrelated work experience or information in a sales resume that does not contribute to sales expertise is tedious and unhelpful.
  • Personal Pronouns: Avoiding excessive use of personal pronouns is advisable to overshadow the main content. A straightforward language approach is generally more acceptable to recruiters.
  • Personal Information: Including only essential personal information in a sales resume is advisable. Unnecessary details irrelevant to the recruiter's decision-making process are omitted.
  • Long Paragraphs: Writing lengthy paragraphs is unnecessary when explaining concepts in a sales resume. The information must be conveyed succinctly, allowing recruiters to review it conveniently.
  • Outdated Skills: Including outdated sales resume skills that are no longer relevant or in use, are uninteresting, and provide no value in the recruitment process.

How to tailor a sales resume

Candidates must diligently attend to every resume detail to tailor it specifically for the sales industry and optimize it for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software. It is crucial to stand out by ensuring the resume is tailored effectively since recruiters often receive many resumes and only spend a few seconds on each. Numerous companies employ ATS software, which scans resumes for relevant keywords and presents the most suitable ones to recruiters for further review. Incorporating appropriate sales resume keywords is essential to enhance its chances of being selected by the ATS software.

Listed below are the 5 tips to tailor a sales resume.

  • Identifying Keywords: It is essential to identify and incorporate relevant keywords related to sales or the specific job vacancy when preparing the resume. It helps the resume stand out during ATS screening and demonstrates the candidate's suitability for the position.
  • Keeping the Resume Concise: Creating a lengthy resume filled with excessive information is unnecessary. A well-crafted sales resume effectively conveys vital details within a single page.
  • Highlighting Results: It is essential to highlight results since they hold great significance in sales. Highlighting achievements, particularly with quantitative data, provides valuable insights for recruiters and enhances candidates' chances of being selected.
  • Including Sales Skills: It is crucial to emphasize relevant sales skills for a resume. Specific skills are indispensable in the sales field.
  • Proofreading the Resume: It is vital to carefully proofread the resume for spelling errors, ensure proper usage of bullet points, and check the overall structure and content for accuracy after entering all the necessary information.

Keywords for sales resume

Sales resume keywords are essential as buzzwords for a sales resume, encompassing skills, action verbs, industry-specific words, and sales-related terminology. Recruiters typically allocate only a few seconds to review each one, given the high number of resumes they receive. They rely on the keywords to determine the candidate's suitability for the position in a brief time. Action verbs for a sales resume and other resume keywords help recruiters for the process. Companies now utilize Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, which scans resumes for relevant sales resume keywords. Resumes containing these keywords are then forwarded to the recruiter, as they are deemed more suitable for sales roles.

Listed below are the 20 keywords for sales resume.

  • Active listening
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Foster
  • Develop
  • Verbal communication
  • Positivity
  • Persuasion
  • Evaluate
  • Head
  • Guide
  • Critical thinking
  • Information management
  • Relationship building
  • Supervise
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Cold calling
  • Warm calling
  • Empathy
  • Manage


How do you explain gaps in employment on a sales resume?

Addressing employment gaps on a sales resume is effectively handled by carefully managing the period of unemployment. It is achieved through techniques such as omitting specific months from the resume, adopting an alternative resume format, or addressing the gap directly in a cover letter, if necessary. Various circumstances lead to employment gaps, including family responsibilities, personal illness, maternity leave, pursuing further education, or unforeseen accidents.

Firstly, a candidate explains within the resume by detailing their activities during the period of unemployment. It includes mentioning relevant courses attended, professional development, or significant accomplishments. The candidate allows the recruiter to clearly understand how they utilized their time during the gap by using the way.

Secondly, an alternative resume format is selected, emphasizing the candidate's education and skills more than their chronological work experience. In some instances, adjusting the format to prioritize relevant competencies and knowledge is more suitable, while the reverse chronological format is typically favored for sales resumes.

Thirdly, it is prudent to exclude specific months from the resume altogether. The visibility of the employment gap is reduced, making it less noticeable to the recruiter by omitting the mention of months. The approach allows the candidate to highlight their sales qualifications and experience without drawing unnecessary attention to the gap.

Lastly, it is best done clearly and concisely within the cover letter if a candidate must address the employment gap directly. Providing a brief explanation, without dwelling too much on the details, helps to manage the recruiter's expectations. Further discussion occurs during the interview stage, allowing the candidate to provide a more comprehensive explanation.

Should I include references? If so, what's the best way to do that?

No. References must not be included in a sales resume. References take up unnecessary space on the resume, making it longer after being included. Recruiters generally do not favor long resumes as they are challenging to review. Including references means sharing personal information about the individuals being referenced, which is not necessary to include. It is not recommended to mention references directly on the resume if an employer specifically does not ask for them. Listing connections' names and contact details in a separate document is more appropriate.

How long should I wait to follow up after I submit a resume for this job?

The candidate must wait 1 to 2 weeks after submitting their job resumes. The timeframe varies depending on the company. It is essential for the candidate not to expect a response before the time and to exercise patience. Sometimes, the job vacancy itself indicates the expected waiting time. Therefore, the candidate must check the vacancy to see if the information is provided. It is appropriate to contact the recruiter by email or phone directly if the candidate has not received a response after the period. It is essential to mention the lack of news regarding the vacancy and to express enthusiasm and suitability for the job when reaching out. However, it must be noted that some recruiters prefer not to be contacted that way. Therefore, it is best to avoid doing it if indicated.

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