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December 18, 2023

Resume for Receptionist: Tips, Templates & Examples

A receptionist's resume highlights interpersonal skills, administrative expertise, and customer service passion. The resume for receptionist demonstrates the ability to manage front-desk operations, handle correspondence, and provide excellent customer service in a professional and friendly manner.

receptionist resume examples and writing tips

Writing a receptionist resume begins with a catchy resume headline. The headline highlights key skills or experiences and grabs an employer’s attention. The contact info section includes full name, phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile.

The objective for a resume receptionist and summary section highlights career goals and aligns them with the job being applied for. The receptionist's objective resume and resume summary for receptionist summarize vital qualifications. Previous jobs are listed in reverse chronological order in the work experience section. The work experience section includes the company name, job title, and dates of employment. For each job, a list of responsibilities and achievements is provided.

Without experience, the focus is on relevant skills for the receptionist gained from other experiences, such as volunteering or coursework, in the resume for a receptionist with no experience section. Any qualifications relevant to the receptionist role, such as customer service or administrative skills, are listed in the qualifications section.

The receptionist job description for the resume section is tailored to the specific duties and requirements listed in the job description. A sample resume job description provides a clear example of how to effectively describe job responsibilities and achievements, which is particularly helpful for individuals updating their resumes. The education section includes the institution's name, degree obtained, and graduation year. The reception resume skills to put on the receptionist's resume include hard, soft, and technical skills, such as communication, organization, technical proficiency, and problem-solving.

Relevant certifications, such as CPR or a certificate in office administration, are included in the certifications section. Any awards or recognitions received in previous roles are listed in the awards section. Irrelevant information or personal details such as marital status or age are avoided in the resume. References are generally not included on a resume unless specifically requested by the employer.

The receptionist's resume is customized for each job application by focusing on the receptionist's skills for the resume and experiences most relevant to the job description. Relevant skills and experiences to the job description help to tailor a receptionist's resume. Resume samples for receptionists include resumes for different types of receptionist roles, such as front desk receptionist, medical receptionist, or dental receptionist. A resume for a receptionist sample provides a valuable reference for individuals looking to apply for a receptionist role, showcasing how to highlight relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments effectively. Sample receptionist resumes are able to be found on various online platforms and provide valuable insights. A sample resume for a receptionist serves as a practical guide, offering a glimpse into the effective presentation of relevant qualifications, experiences, and achievements tailored for a receptionist role.

How to Write a Receptionist Resume

To write a receptionist's resume involves highlighting skills, experience, and achievements clearly and concisely. Well-written resumes receptionist must showcase the ability to handle various tasks, including answering phones, greeting visitors, scheduling appointments, and performing administrative duties. It’s important to highlight key responsibilities and skills when considering what to put on a resume for a receptionist. The phrase “how to describe receptionist skills on a resume” emphasizes the need to effectively communicate key skills such as professionalism, organization, multitasking abilities, computer proficiency, administrative capabilities, knowledge of Microsoft Office, and language skills.

Composing an effective receptionist resume is an integral step in the pursuit of a career in the field of administrative support and hospitality. Crafting a receptionist's resume requires a strategic approach to showcase skills, experience, and professionalism. A receptionist's resume is the primary tool to make a favorable impression on potential employers in the competitive job market. A well-structured receptionist resume highlights qualifications and communicates the ability to excel in the front-facing role. The comprehensive guide provides essential insights and techniques to create a professional profile for a resume that stands out and propels a career forward.

Resume Headline for Receptionist

A receptionist's resume headline serves as a concise statement functioning as the opening introduction on the resume, positioned just below the contact information. Headline’s role is to act as a snapshot of qualifications and strengths, promptly capturing the attention of potential employers. The primary objective of a receptionist job resume headline is to offer a clear and brief summary of the attributes ideal for the role. Tailoring the headline to align with the specific requisites of the receptionist position being pursued holds significant importance. The receptionist job titles allow one to emphasize essential skills, qualifications, and pertinent certifications. The headline must radiate professionalism and express suitability for the job, encouraging hiring managers to delve deeper into the resume to explore capabilities and experiences further. A sample of receptionist resume headlines is below.

Experienced Corporate Receptionist Skilled in Office Management

Multilingual Front Desk Professional Specializing in Guest Services

Detail-Oriented Receptionist with Expertise in Appointment Scheduling

Contact info

The contact information section in a resume for a receptionist job is crucial for prospective employers to contact the applicant. The contact information prominently features the full name at the top of the resume, ensuring it's easily visible. Include a professional and current phone number, and ensure the voicemail message is appropriate and professional if an employer leaves a message. The email address is provided using a professional format, such as the applicant's name, followed by an appropriate domain. The applicant includes their location, typically indicating the city and state. A link to the LinkedIn profile is able to be included if applicable and well-maintained, adding a layer of professionalism to the application. The URLs are considered if there is a relevant professional website or online portfolio. Ensure that the content on the LinkedIn profile or website aligns with the information in the resume and is kept up to date.

Jennifer Adams
(555) 555-1234
Los Angeles, CA

Resume Objectives and Summary for Receptionist

A resume objective for a receptionist is a concise statement positioned at the start of a receptionist's resume, conveying career aspirations and their relevance to the receptionist role. Resume objectives for receptionists benefit individuals new to the field, changing career paths, or seeking entry-level positions. Clearly express career goals and their relevance to the receptionist position in the objective for a receptionist's resume. Showcase pertinent skills, qualifications, and potential contributions to the role. Tailor the objective receptionist's resume to match the ethos and requirements of the prospective company or organization. Searching for receptionist resume objective examples reveals a focus on excellent customer service, strong organizational skills, effective multitasking, and proficiency in relevant computer software.

Aspiring receptionist and recent graduate in Hospitality Management seeking a role to apply strong organizational skills, maintain a professional demeanor, and provide exceptional customer service in a dynamic hotel environment.

A receptionist's resume summary is a concise paragraph at the outset of a receptionist's resume. The receptionist summary for the resume aims to provide an overview of qualifications, accomplishments, and receptionist-related skills. Summary for receptionist resume summaries benefit candidates with pertinent experience, allowing them to highlight their achievements immediately. Focus on key achievements and skills that distinguish as a receptionist. Specify the duration of work experience in the role and underscore contributions. Highlight any supplementary skills or expertise advantageous to the employer.


Experienced Receptionist with over 5 years of experience providing exceptional customer service and administrative support. Skilled in managing schedules, handling phone calls, and maintaining records. Proven track record of increasing customer satisfaction.

Work Experience

The work experience section in a receptionist's resume provides a detailed account of the professional background, arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent roles appearing first. Each receptionist experience resume section includes the job title, the company name and location, dates of employment, primary responsibilities, and notable achievements. The focus must be on tasks relevant to the receptionist role, such as answering phones, greeting visitors, managing appointments, and handling various administrative assignments. Furthermore, specific accomplishments are highlighted, using quantifiable data to illustrate contributions. Any pertinent skills or software proficiency, like Microsoft Office Suite or scheduling software, are mentioned, and the work experiences must be tailored to align with the requirements of the receptionist position being pursued. Each description begins with a strong action verb to make the achievements more impactful.

Work Experience


Johnson & Smith Law Firm, New York, NY | January 2020 - Present

  • Managed front desk operations at Johnson & Smith Law Firm, ensuring a welcoming environment for visitors.
  • Handled high incoming calls, efficiently directing them to the relevant departments.
  • Coordinated appointments and meetings using scheduling software, reducing scheduling conflicts by 20%.
  • Maintained an organized reception area and ensured cleanliness, enhancing the overall office atmosphere.
  • Collaborated with the administrative team to manage incoming and outgoing mail and packages.
  • Implemented a new visitor check-in process, reducing wait times by 30%.

Front Desk Coordinator

Pinky Tech Solutions, Los Angeles, CA | June 2017 - December 2019

  • Oversaw a multi-line phone system at ABC Tech Solutions, consistently handling 150 daily calls.
  • Coordinated and scheduled appointments for a team of five executives, streamlining their daily agendas.
  • Introduced an efficient visitor check-in procedure, enhancing the visitor experience and reducing wait times by 25%.

Resume for Receptionist with NO Experience

To create an effective no-experience receptionist resume, begin with a compelling summary or receptionist objective on the resume. The summary or receptionist resume objective paragraph must concisely highlight skills, desired job outcomes, and qualifications. Focusing on transferable skills and abilities is essential when crafting an objective for a receptionist's resume with no experience. For instance, expressing enthusiasm in objective for receptionist no experience for contributing transferable skills and a strong work ethic to a receptionist role.

Transferable skills must be emphasized, even if prior roles did not involve receptionist duties. Experience in customer service, customer relations, or administrative support is able to be spotlighted throughout the receptionist's resume no experience. Pertinent keywords must be incorporated into the receptionist's resume with no experience, particularly within the work experience and skills sections, as many employers employ applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan for specific keywords when processing online applications.

Achievements must be quantified whenever appropriate. Demonstrating tangible outcomes of past roles illustrates the value brought to a potential employer. For example, if customer satisfaction increased by 10% in a previous position, including this statistic in the resume is essential. Creative resume formats are able to be explored if work experience is limited. Options include a functional resume, emphasizing skills and abilities, or a combination resume, which melds work history and skill set to present qualifications effectively.

John Smith

456 Elm Street

Sometown, CA 54321

(987) 654-3210

[email protected]


Dedicated and detail-oriented individual with strong communication and organizational skills, seeking a receptionist position to contribute transferable skills acquired through academic coursework and volunteer experiences.


  • Customer service
  • Effective communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Multitasking
  • Attention to detail
  • Computer proficiency

Language proficiency (Spanish)


Front Desk Volunteer | Harmony Community Center, New York, NY | 2021-Present

  • Provided exceptional customer service to hospital visitors and guests.
  • Managed incoming phone calls and efficiently directed them to the appropriate parties.
  • Offered a warm welcome to visitors and ensured a pleasant experience.
  • Handled appointment scheduling.

Student Office Assistant | California State University | 2020-2021

  • Delivered administrative support to faculty and staff at a local university.
  • Managed incoming phone calls, directing them to the relevant departments.
  • Handled email communication.
  • Scheduled appointments for staff members.
  • Maintained and organized office files.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration | 2023

California State University, Long Beach


  • Dean's List, California State University, Long Beach
  • President's List, California State University, Long Beach
  • Volunteer of the Year, Local Hospital


Qualifications refer to the specific skills, experiences, and competencies that directly relate to their ability to excel in the role in a receptionist's resume. The qualifications are typically listed under each job experience and are concrete examples of how the receptionist has applied their abilities in natural work settings.

Each qualification mentioned in the resume must be directly linked to the tasks and resume job responsibilities examples undertaken during a particular job. The qualifications provide evidence of the receptionist's communication, customer service, organization, time management, and problem-solving capabilities. The inclusion of qualifications within each job experience entry is a way to demonstrate how the receptionist utilized their skills in practical situations, making their resume more compelling and tailored to the specific needs of potential employers.

  • Managed a high volume of incoming phone calls professionally, directing inquiries to the appropriate departments and ensuring a positive caller experience.
  • Coordinated and scheduled appointments for executives, optimizing time management and prioritizing urgent matters.
  • Maintained meticulous records of visitors, deliveries, and appointments, enhancing security and accountability.
  • Responded promptly to email correspondence, ensuring effective communication within the organization.
  • Oversaw the organization of office files, implementing a systematic filing system for easy document retrieval.

Receptionist Job Description for Resume

The receptionist job description on a resume provides a comprehensive account of the candidate's past roles and responsibilities as a receptionist. Candidates list their previous positions, including company names and employment dates, and detail their primary duties in each role in the receptionist job description for a resume. These responsibilities typically revolve around core receptionist tasks such as answering phones, welcoming visitors, scheduling appointments, handling administrative tasks, and maintaining organized records. For example, the hotel receptionist job description resume accurately reflects the responsibilities of the role, including scheduling guest reservations, assisting with check-ins and check-outs, managing administrative tasks, handling phone calls, assisting with hotel reservations, assigning rooms and suites, processing transactions, providing wake-up calls, and addressing guest requests and complaints. Using clear and concise language is essential, focusing on relevant experiences and achievements that align with the specific job requirements seen from the resume sample with a job description.

The receptionist resume job description offers potential employers valuable insights into the candidate's receptionist experience and capabilities, allowing them to assess their suitability for the role. Resume job description examples provide valuable insights into effectively showcasing relevant work experience and responsibilities in a resume.

    Receptionist | Microsoft Corporation | January 2020 - December 2022

    • Managed multi-line phone system, answering incoming calls, taking messages, and directing calls to appropriate departments.
    • Maintained office filing system and recorded information received in communications with vendors and clients.
    • Provided excellent customer service to clients and vendors over the phone and in person.
    • Managed office calendars and schedules.
    • Kept the office clean, safe, organized, and kept office supply inventory fully stocked.

    Office Assistant | Google Inc. | January 2018 - December 2019

    • Assisted with organizing and scheduling appointments.
    • Managed communication, including emails and phone calls.
    • Received visitors and provided general administrative support to our employees.
    • Prepared and formatted information for internal and external distribution.


    The name of the degree, diploma, or certificate is typically included, starting with the highest level of education in the education section of a receptionist's resume. Including a high school education is unnecessary if a college degree is held. The name and location of the school or institution attended must be included, along with the dates of attendance. Any courses relevant to the job being applied for are able to be included in this section. While a high school diploma or equivalent is often a minimum requirement for receptionist positions, some jobs may require postsecondary education.


    Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

    California State University, Long Beach


    Skills to Put on Resume for Receptionist

    To craft resumes for a receptionist position, it is crucial to incorporate a comprehensive array of resume skills for receptionists that effectively demonstrate qualifications for the role. Receptionists are pivotal in an organization, frequently serving as the initial point of contact for visitors and callers. The receptionist's resume skills must underscore adeptness in managing diverse tasks and interactions with high efficiency and professionalism.

    Incorporating the skills into the resume signifies possessing the requisite qualities and capabilities to succeed in a receptionist role across various settings, including corporate offices, medical facilities, hotels, and other contexts. Aligning the skills on the receptionist's resume with the job's requirements enhances the resume's persuasiveness. The receptionist’s skills to put on a resume include soft, hard, and technical skills. What skills do you need to be a receptionist highlights the importance of certain abilities for the role.

    Receptionist Soft Skills

    Soft skills for the resume of a receptionist, often described as personal attributes, enable individuals to interact effectively with others and contribute positively to the overall workplace environment. As the initial point of contact for clients, visitors, and colleagues, receptionists play a pivotal role in setting the tone and establishing an organization's reputation. The ability to showcase a comprehensive array of soft reception skills for a resume is advantageous and often expected. There are soft receptionist skills resume examples below.

      • Communication Skills
      • Customer Service
      • Interpersonal Skills
      • Adaptability
      • Problem-solving
      • Multitasking
      • Organizational Skills
      • Time Management
      • Confidentiality
      • Team Collaboration

      Receptionist Hard Skills

      Receptionist hard skills are specific, job-related competencies that are typically more tangible and technical. Receptionist hard skills for a receptionist resume are essential for efficiently carrying out a receptionist's practical duties and responsibilities. Including receptionist hard skills on a resume demonstrates the ability to perform specific tasks and handle various tools and technologies. The following are 5 crucial receptionist hard skills that are considered to be included on a resume.

      1. Microsoft Office Suite
      2. Data entry
      3. Phone skills
      4. Typing skills
      5. Office equipment

      Technical Skills for Receptionist

      Technical skills of a receptionist for a resume refer to the specific abilities and proficiencies related to using various tools, equipment, software, and systems necessary for the role. Technical skills are practical and contribute to efficiently managing day-to-day receptionist tasks. The technical skills contribute to adequately performing a receptionist's daily responsibilities and vary based on the specific industry and company requirements.

      1. Phone System Operation
      2. Computer Proficiency
      3. Data Entry
      4. Office Equipment Operation
      5. Email Management


      Certifications on a receptionist's resume significantly enhance qualifications and increase the chances of securing a job. While not always mandatory for receptionist roles, certifications demonstrate commitment to professionalism and the ability to perform specific tasks or adhere to industry standards. Be sure to specify the name of the certification, the issuing organization, the certification date, and any relevant details that highlight how the certification benefits the receptionist role being applied for when including certifications on the resume. Certifications distinguish candidates and showcase dedication to professional growth and excellence in the field. Below are must-have top certifications for a professional profile in a resume.

      Certified Professional Receptionist (CPR)

      Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)

      Certified Office Manager (COM)

      Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)

      Certified Telephone Operator (CTO)

      Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)


      Incorporating awards on a receptionist's resume are able to serve as a valuable method for highlighting exceptional performance, dedication, and recognition in past roles. Awards offer tangible proof of commitment to excellence and the capacity to distinguish oneself in a competitive field. Below is a sample resume receptionist of how awards are presented on a receptionist's resume.

      Employee of the Month, Acme Corporation, 2022

      Receptionist of the Year, Acme Corporation, 2021

      Teamwork Award, GHI Hospitality Group, 2018

      What NOT to Include in a Receptionist Resume

      Creating a solid impression necessitates the avoidance of irrelevant or unprofessional information. Notable exclusions in a resume for the receptionist position are as follows.

      • Personal information: Omit personal details like marital status, date of birth, and social security number, given their generally unnecessary nature and potential for discrimination concerns.
      • Irrelevant hobbies and interests: Sidestep listing unrelated hobbies or interests, favoring an emphasis on relevant skills and qualifications.
      • References: Forgo the inclusion of references within the resume, as a separate reference sheet with professional contacts is adequate for provision upon request during the interview process.
      • Negative information: Abstain from discussing negative aspects of prior jobs, employers, or colleagues; instead, focus on maintaining a positive and accomplishments-centered resume.
      • Unprofessional email addresses: Utilize a professional email address for contact information and avoid unconventional or inappropriate alternatives.
      • Spelling and grammar mistakes: Ensure meticulous proofreading and employ spell-check tools to rectify spelling and grammatical errors, recognizing their potential to create unfavorable impressions.
      • Outdated or irrelevant work experience: Constrict the resume's content to encompass solely pertinent work experience, limiting the scope to the past 10-15 years, except in cases where older positions carry high relevance to the receptionist role.
      • Unprofessional language: Employ professional language devoid of slang, jargon, or overly casual expressions to convey competence and professionalism.

      How to Tailor a Receptionist Resume

      Tailoring a receptionist's resume involves customizing it to match the specific requirements of a job posting. Tailoring helps present oneself as the ideal candidate by highlighting relevant experiences and competencies. Aligning the resume with the employer's expectations increases the chances of getting noticed and progressing through the application process. To effectively tailor the resume, follow a systematic approach that includes reviewing the job posting, identifying essential requirements, matching qualifications, and customizing various resume sections to reflect suitability for the role. Consider customizing the cover letter to provide further context and emphasize alignment with the position. Below are essential tips on how to tailor a receptionist's resume.

      • Carefully read the job description: Begin by thoroughly reviewing the job description and highlighting the skills and experience most relevant to the position. Reading the job description helps tailor the resume to the specific job application.
      • Utilize keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords tied to the job applications, enhancing the chances of attracting potential employers when writing the resume. The keywords are able to be found in job descriptions and online resources.
      • Quantify accomplishments: Describe skills and experiences with quantifiable accomplishments to demonstrate the impact of the work. Instead of stating, "Provided excellent customer service," opt for "Delivered excellent customer service, resulting in a 10% increase in customer satisfaction."
      • Employ strong action verbs: Make a resume more dynamic and engaging using robust action verbs when describing skills and experiences. For instance, replace "Responsible for answering phones" with "Efficiently and effectively answered phones, taking messages."
      • Maintain resume conciseness: A one-page resume is optimal for most receptionist positions. However, if extensive experience warrants it, expand to two pages.
      • Proofread meticulously: Thoroughly proofread the resume for grammar or spelling errors before submitting it. Typos and grammatical mistakes undermine professionalism and hinder job prospects.

      Receptionist Resume Examples

      Resume Front Desk Receptionist

      Emily Johnson

      789 Oak St, Springfield, USA

      (123) 456-7890

      [email protected]



      Experienced receptionist with a strong background in customer service and administrative tasks. Seeking to leverage communication, organization, and multitasking skills in a front desk role at Acme Corporation.

      Work Experience

      Front Desk Receptionist | Springfield Enterprises, Springfield, USA | June 2019 - Present

      • Managed front desk operations for a company with over 100 employees
      • Answered and directed an average of 50 calls per day using a multi-line phone system
      • Scheduled appointments and meetings for 5 executives using Microsoft Outlook
      • Improved customer satisfaction by 20% through exceptional customer service

      Administrative Assistant | Greenfield Industries, Springfield, USA | January 2017 - May 2019

      • Assisted with various administrative tasks, including data entry and filing
      • Handled customer inquiries via phone and email
      • Organized company events and meetings
      • Increased office efficiency by 15% through practical organization


      • Customer service
      • Phone etiquette
      • Data entry
      • Microsoft Office Suite
      • Problem-solving
      • Time management
      • Organization
      • Attention to detail


      Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration | University of Springfield | 2016


      Certified Professional Receptionist (CPR) | 2019

      Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) | 2018


      Employee of the Month | Springfield Enterprises | June 2020 & December 2020




      PRO TIPS:

      1. Highlight customer service experience: Customer interaction significantly impacts business outcomes as a front desk receptionist. Try to tie expertise with customers to successful business outcomes such as improving scheduling efficiency, reducing billing errors, or improving customer satisfaction scores.
      2. Use metrics to show the impact: Metrics effectively demonstrate the impact one has had in previous roles, like in the front desk receptionist sample resume.

      Resume for Medical Receptionist

      Hannah Mitchell

      123 Oak Street

      Springfield, IL 62701

      (555) 555-5555

      [email protected]

      Professional Summary:

      Detail-oriented and empathetic Medical Receptionist with 4 years of experience efficiently managing front desk operations in healthcare settings. Proficient in patient check-in, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and electronic health records (EHR) management. Adept at maintaining patient confidentiality while delivering excellent customer service.

      Work Experience:

      Medical Receptionist

      Springfield Family Clinic, Springfield, IL | March 2019 - Present

      • Welcomed and assisted an average of 50 patients daily, ensuring a positive experience and maintaining a professional, organized reception area.
      • Managed a busy phone system, scheduling appointments for a team of 5 providers and achieving a 98% appointment accuracy rate.
      • Successfully verified patient insurance information, reducing billing discrepancies by 15% and ensuring accurate claims processing.
      • Implemented a scheduling optimization strategy, resulting in a 25% reduction in patient wait times and improved overall patient satisfaction.
      • Maintained electronic health records (EHR) with 100% accuracy and confidentiality, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.
      • Assisted with administrative tasks, including data entry, filing, and coordination of referrals, improving office efficiency by 20%.
      • Collaborated with the medical team to address patient needs and inquiries effectively, resulting in a 97% patient satisfaction rating.

      Medical Receptionist

      Pediatric Associates of Springfield, Springfield, IL | June 2017 - February 2019

      • Facilitated patient check-ins, managed appointment scheduling, and handled insurance verification for a pediatric practice serving 120 patients per day.
      • Provided compassionate support to young patients and their families, addressing inquiries and concerns with empathy.
      • Coordinated appointments and maintaining patient records, ensuring 100% accuracy and compliance with healthcare standards.
      • Collaborated closely with pediatricians and nurses to optimize patient flow, reducing wait times by 20% and improving the overall patient experience.
      • Ensured strict adherence to healthcare regulations, HIPAA guidelines, and privacy standards, achieving a 100% audit success rate.


      Associate of Science in Health Administration

      Springfield Community College, Springfield, IL | May 2017


      • Customer service
      • Phone etiquette
      • Medical terminology
      • Data entry
      • Microsoft Office Suite
      • Problem-solving
      • Time management
      • Organization
      • Attention to detail


      • Certified Medical Receptionist (CMR) | 2019
      • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) | 2018


      Employee of the Month | Springfield Family Clinic | June 2020 & December 2020

      Recognized for exceptional customer service and dedication to the role.


      Spanish (Intermediate)

      PRO TIPS:

      1. Highlight years of experience in the summary: The career summary prominently mentions the years of experience brought to the medical receptionist role. For instance, emphasize having four years of experience as a Medical Receptionist to assure employers of capability in handling a medical office's busy and often stressful inner workings.
      2. Review well-written resume summaries: Crafting a practical career summary is challenging. Reviewing receptionist resume samples of well-written summaries is beneficial to gain inspiration. Remember that a summary is typically included when substantial experience is present, generally around 10+ years.
      3. Use descriptive and active language throughout every section of the resume must be solid and persuasive: Employ descriptive and active language when describing oneself and duties in the resume for hospital receptionist. For example, in the summary, use terms like "driven" or "organized" to showcase attributes. Use action verbs such as "implemented" or "processed" to portray accomplishments vividly in the job descriptions, like the receptionist resume sample above. Finally, in the skills section, provide specific details by stating being "experienced in data entry.

        Resume for Dental Receptionist

        Anna Brown

        1234 Cherry Lane, Metropolis, USA

        (123) 456-7890

        [email protected]



        Experienced Dental Receptionist with over 5 years of experience in dental settings. Known for excellent customer service skills and proficiency in handling administrative tasks. Bilingual in English and Spanish with solid multitasking abilities.

        Work Experience

        Dental Receptionist | Metropolis Dental Clinic, Metropolis, USA | June 2019 - Present

        • Managed front desk operations for a busy clinic with over 100 daily patients
        • Answered and directed an average of 50 calls per day using a multi-line phone system
        • Scheduled appointments and meetings for 5 dentists using Dentrix software
        • Improved patient satisfaction by 25% through exceptional customer service
        • Received "Employee of the Month" award twice

        Administrative Assistant | Gotham Dental Hospital, Gotham City, USA | January 2017 - May 2019

        • Assisted with various administrative tasks, including data entry and filing
        • Handled patient inquiries via phone and email
        • Organized hospital events and meetings
        • Increased office efficiency by 15% through practical organization


        • Communication skills
        • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
        • Multi-line phone systems and dental software (e.g., Dentrix)
        • Organizational and multitasking abilities
        • Dental terminology


        Bachelor of Science in Health Administration | Metropolis University | 2016


        • Certified Dental Receptionist (CDR) | 2019
        • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) | 2018


        Employee of the Month | Metropolis Dental Clinic | June 2020 & December 2020


        • English
        • Spanish

        PRO TIPS:

        1. Utilize a professionally designed resume template receptionist: Designing a resume layout from scratch are able to be a challenging experience for individuals who are not professional designers. An expertly designed resume template for receptionists, even a simple one, assists in expediting the dental receptionist resume creation process. This approach ensures a visually appealing and well-structured resume without the complexities of graphic design software. Employing a clean and organized layout establishes a solid initial impression.
        2. Balance the skills section: Strive for a harmonious blend of people skills and technical abilities in the skills section. Dental receptionists require robust interpersonal skills to provide exceptional customer service and technical proficiency in appointment scheduling and insurance verification tasks. Refer to the resume sample for receptionist as a model for crafting a skills section that effectively highlights this equilibrium.


        How Do You Explain Gaps in Employment on a Receptionist Resume?

        Addressing employment gaps on a receptionist's resume is vital for clarity and to reassure potential employers. Honesty is crucial in avoiding concealment or misrepresentation. Be forthright about periods without employment. Consider a functional resume format for significant gaps, prioritizing skills and qualifications over work history.

        The resume and cover letter briefly explain the reason behind the employment gap—personal, educational, or other valid circumstances. Emphasize transferable skills developed during the gap, demonstrating readiness for the role. Receptionist positions demand strong communication and organizational skills, achievable in various contexts.

        Highlight additional education, training, workshops, or certifications during the gap to underline a commitment to growth. Consider using a cover letter to provide in-depth context. Offer references, if possible, to vouch for skills during the gap. Tap into the professional network for job opportunities; personal endorsements mitigate concerns about employment gaps. Many employers understand valid reasons for gaps, so they present skills and qualifications candidly and professionally.

        What is The Best Resume Format for a Receptionist?

        The best resume format for a receptionist is the chronological resume format. The chronological format is ideal for receptionist roles because it highlights relevant work experience, showcasing the ability to handle various responsibilities and interact effectively with clients and visitors. Receptionist positions often require a consistent work history, demonstrating reliability and continuity in managing front desk duties.

        Another format option for receptionist resumes is the functional resume, which emphasizes skills and qualifications, making it suitable for receptionists with employment gaps or those changing careers.

        The hybrid (or combinational) resume combines elements of both chronological and functional formats, allowing candidates to showcase skills and experience. The choice of format depends on the receptionist's circumstances and career goals, considering the specific job being applied for and the work history.

        What are Common Keywords and Buzzwords for Receptionist Resumes?

        Common keywords and buzzwords for receptionist resumes play a vital role in capturing the attention of hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS). Incorporating these terms into a resume enhances the chances of the resume standing out. Below, find 10 important common keywords and buzzwords for receptionist resumes.

        1. Receptionist duties
        2. Customer service
        3. Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
        4. Front Office
        5. Administrative assistance
        6. Typing
        7. Communication skills
        8. Telephone Etiquette
        9. Interpersonal skills
        10. Problem-solving

        Should I include references? If so, what's the best way to do that?

        No, you should not include references in a receptionist's resume. In modern resume writing, it is generally considered unnecessary to include references on the resume itself. Instead, a separate document called a "References Sheet" or "Reference List" is created, including the contact information of professional references.

        A separate document is provided during the application and interview process if the employer requests references. Notifying the references is essential to prepare them to speak on the candidate's behalf if the potential employer contacts them. Including references directly on the resume takes up valuable space and is no longer considered standard practice. The resume must showcase the candidate's skills, qualifications, and work experience relevant to the receptionist position.

        How long should I wait to follow up after I submit a resume for this job?

        You should wait at least one week after submitting a resume for a receptionist job before initiating a follow-up. The timeframe allows the hiring manager adequate time to review submitted resumes, assess other applications, and potentially arrange interviews for eligible candidates.

        A follow-up email is sent to convey sustained interest in the position if communication has not been received from the hiring manager after one week. The email must be courteous and professional, avoiding assertive or insistent language. A second follow-up email is able to be sent if there is still no response from the hiring manager after two weeks. However, if three weeks pass without a response, it is advisable to explore other job opportunities.


        Crafting a receptionist's resume involves several key steps. The receptionist's resume starts with a compelling headline and includes relevant contact information. The resume receptionist objective and summary section must align with the job's requirements and highlight critical qualifications. Work experience is listed in reverse chronological order, and in the absence of experience, focus is placed on relevant skills needed for a receptionist from other areas. Qualifications, education, and skills are detailed, with any certifications or awards included. The resume is tailored to each job application, with samples of receptionist resumes provided for different types of receptionist roles. How to write a job description for a resume is a crucial aspect of resume writing, focusing on presenting each role’s responsibilities and achievements effectively. Examining receptionist's resume examples provides a practical guide for individuals crafting their resumes for receptionist roles, showcasing effective ways to detail relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Professional resume profile examples offer a variety of ways to effectively showcase one’s skills, experiences, and professional objectives, serving as a valuable resource for individuals crafting their resumes. Numerous online resources provide templates, tips, and examples to help craft a professional receptionist resume if resume examples for a receptionist job are needed. Employment gaps are honestly addressed, focusing on relevant activities during those periods. The best format for a receptionist's resume is typically chronological. Careful consideration is given to the use of keywords and buzzwords. References are generally not included unless specifically requested by the employer. After submitting the resume, a follow-up is typically done one to two weeks later.

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