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December 12, 2023

Customer Services Representative Resume: Tips, Templates, & Examples

Starting a career as a customer service representative requires a well-designed resume that highlights experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. A strong customer services representative resume showcases communication skills and the ability to handle diverse customer interactions.

customer service resume examples

Crafting an effective customer service representative resume involves considering various elements to showcase qualifications and suitability for the role. The chronological resume is the best format for a customer service representative. To write an effective customer service resume requires showcasing essential skills and experiences with a strategic approach.

A compelling resume headline provides a snapshot of expertise or a key accomplishment, immediately capturing the attention of potential employers. Contact information must be clear and professional, including name, phone number, email address, and location. A link to a professional website or job site profile related to customer service experience is able to be included.

Incorporating a well-crafted objective or summary in a customer service resume provides a brief overview of qualifications, experience, and career goals. Previous customer service roles are described in detail, highlighting accomplishments and responsibilities while quantifying achievements whenever possible.

The job description must be closely reviewed to understand the specific skills and qualifications the employer seeks when tailoring a customer service resume. The resume is customized by aligning experiences and skills with the job requirements, increasing the likelihood of passing through applicant tracking systems and making a solid impression on hiring managers. It is crucial to tailor the format based on the experience level when crafting a customer service resume. To tailor a customer service representative resume involves aligning qualifications and experiences with the specific requirements of the target position to make the application stand out.

The educational background must be clearly outlined, emphasizing any relevant coursework. Specific skills tailored to the customer service field are highlighted, focusing on hard skills like technical proficiencies and soft skills like communication and empathy. Any technical skills applicable to customer service, such as CRM software proficiency, are specified. Relevant certifications are showcased to strengthen qualifications, and any awards received for outstanding contributions are considered for inclusion.

Customer service resume keywords are terms or phrases related to the skills, experiences, and qualifications employers want. Examining resume examples for customer service skills offers valuable guidance on effectively presenting abilities such as empathy, communication, and problem-solving in a customer service-oriented role. Customer service resume templates help structure a resume and highlight customer service experience.

What is the best resume Format for a customer service representative?

The chronological resume is the best format for a customer service representative. The format presents the candidate's work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent position. The chronological resume suits a customer service representative because it highlights the career progression and demonstrates a consistent commitment to customer service roles. The chronological format allows hiring managers to quickly assess the depth and relevance of the candidate's experience.

A functional resume format for customer service representatives focuses on skills and qualifications rather than emphasizing chronological work history. A functional format is suitable for customer service representatives with gaps in employment or individuals changing careers. The functional resume benefits a customer service representative who wants to highlight specific skills without emphasizing the sequence of their work history.

Another option is the combination resume, which blends elements of both chronological and functional formats. The hybrid resume format is helpful for customer service representatives who want to emphasize specific skills and highlight relevant accomplishments from their work history.

How to write a customer service resume

To write an effective customer service resume requires showcasing essential skills and experiences with a strategic approach. A concise yet impactful professional summary must be provided, encapsulating qualifications and emphasizing dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. The customer service resume must be tailored to highlight relevant achievements and skills, such as strong communication, problem-solving abilities, and a customer-centric mindset. Measurable results and specific examples are incorporated to demonstrate impact in previous roles. Keywords from the job description are considered for incorporation to align with employers’ expectations. A well-crafting section of a customer service resume is a powerful tool to make a lasting impression on potential employers and secure opportunities in customer service.

Customer service resume headline examples

The customer service resume headline is a brief phrase at the top of the resume that summarizes the professional identity and highlights the most important qualifications. The customer service resume headline serves as a brief introduction to catch hiring managers' attention and convey the value proposition. A compelling customer service resume headline concisely summarizes key customer service strengths, skills, or achievements. Below are resume headline examples for customer service.

    Dedicated Customer Service Specialist with 5+ Years of Experience

    Bilingual Customer Service Representative with a Proven Track Record

    Award-winning customer Support Agent with a Passion for Problem-Solving

    Empathetic Customer Service Professional Driven by Client Satisfaction

    Experienced Customer Care Coordinator with Excellent Communication Skills

    Contact info

    The contact information section of a customer service resume is a crucial component that provides employers with essential details to reach out. Accuracy and up-to-dateness are ensured when including contact information. Below is what’s included in the contact information section of the customer service resume.

    • Full name: The full legal name must be at the top of the resume. The full name allows employers to identify quickly.
    • Phone number: A professional and active phone number must be provided. A personal phone number that is checked regularly is used, and the voicemail is set up and sounds professional.
    • Email address: A professional email address must be included. An email address incorporating the name rather than nicknames or informal terms is used. The email is checked regularly, especially during the job application process.
    • LinkedIn profile (Optional): A LinkedIn profile enhances the professional image; the URL is able to be included. The LinkedIn profile is complete and aligns with the information on the resume.
    • Location: The city and state or city and country are mentioned. The location information is essential if applying for local positions or the employer is looking for candidates in a specific location.

    Customer Service Representative

    Sarah M. Rodriguez

    Phone: (555) 123-4567

    Email: [email protected]


    New York, NY, USA

    Customer service resume objective & summary

    The customer service resume objective and summary sections are critical components that provide a brief overview of the professional background, skills, and career goals. Each serves a distinct purpose. A resume objective for customer service is ideal for entry-level candidates or individuals seeking a career change. The customer service objective for the resume focuses on career goals and what is aimed to be achieved in the specific role. Objectives for customer service resumes are kept concise, highlighting how skills and aspirations align with the company’s needs. Resume objective examples for customer service are given below.

    Dedicated and detail-oriented recent graduate with a degree in Business Administration seeking a customer service position to leverage strong communication and problem-solving skills. Eager to contribute to a dynamic team and provide exceptional service to clients at Xzed Company.

    A resume summary for customer service, also known as a professional summary or profile, is suitable for individuals with experience in the field. Summary for customer service resume offers a snapshot of the professional background, emphasizing key achievements, skills, and experiences. The customer service summary for the resume must be tailored to showcase how unique attributes benefit the prospective employer. Resume summary examples for customer service provide a quick overview of a candidate’s qualifications. The following are examples of resume summaries for customer service.

    Results-driven customer service professional with over five years of experience managing client relationships and resolving issues efficiently. Proven track record of exceeding customer satisfaction goals through effective communication and problem-solving. Adept at utilizing CRM systems and adapting to fast-paced environments. Seeking to bring expertise to a challenging customer service role at Albertin Corporation.

    The objective or summary is customized for each application, aligning it with the specific job requirements and demonstrating how value is added to the organization. The objective or summary must be kept concise, engaging, and relevant to capture the recruiter’s attention quickly. Customer service summary for resume examples provides a blueprint for effectively showcasing one's ability to handle customer inquiries, resolve issues, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

    Customer service work experience

    The customer service resume work experience section offers a comprehensive view of past roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments in the customer service field. Work experience is in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent or current position. Job titles and the names of the companies or organizations worked for are clearly stated. The customer service resume work experience information provides context and helps employers understand the scale and nature of previous roles.

    The start and end dates for each position are included. The transparency about employment history gives employers a clear timeline of career progression. Primary responsibilities and duties in each role are detailed. Focus is on tasks directly related to customer service, such as managing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Achievements are quantified whenever possible with specific numbers or percentages. Specific numbers add credibility to accomplishments and provide a tangible sense of impact. An example of the customer service experience section is given below.

    Work experience

    Customer Service Specialist | ABC Retail, New York, NY | March 2018 - Present

    • Manage customer inquiries via phone, email, and live chat, consistently maintaining a 95% customer satisfaction rate.
    • Resolve product-related issues by providing clear and concise information, resulting in a 15% reduction in escalated cases.
    • Collaborate with the sales team to implement a customer loyalty program, contributing to a 10% increase in repeat business.
    • Utilize CRM software to track customer interactions and preferences, streamlining communication processes.

    Senior Customer Support Representative | XYZ Tech Solutions, San Francisco, CA | June 2015 - February 2018

    • Led a team of customer support representatives, providing training and guidance to ensure high service standards.
    • Implemented a new ticketing system, reducing response time by 30% and improving overall customer satisfaction.
    • Conducted regular customer feedback surveys, gathering valuable insights to enhance service quality.
    • Resolved complex technical issues by collaborating with the product development team, earning recognition for problem-solving skills.

    Customer Service Associate | LMN Services, Chicago, IL | January 2013 - May 2015

    • Handled a high volume of customer calls, addressing inquiries, processing orders, and providing product information.
    • Achieved a monthly average of 98% in-call resolution, exceeding departmental benchmarks.
    • Implemented a customer feedback system, leading to a 20% improvement in overall service ratings.
    • Assisted in the development of training materials for new customer service associates.

    Customer Service Representative Resume NO Experience

    Constructing a customer service representative resume with no prior experience requires emphasizing transferable skills, education, and potential contributions to the role. A clear and concise objective must be placed at the top, highlighting eagerness to start a career in customer service and showcasing key qualities that make a suitable candidate. The objective section expresses enthusiasm for learning and contributing to the team's success.

    The educational background is then detailed, providing information about the degree, major, and graduation date (or expected graduation date). The coursework or projects relevant to customer service are emphasized, demonstrating academic preparation for the role. A section that outlines relevant skills is incorporated. Both soft skills, such as effective communication and problem-solving, and technical skills, such as proficiency with office software or familiarity with customer relationship management systems, are highlighted.

    Information about extracurricular activities or volunteer experiences that showcase teamwork, communication, or customer interaction must be included. The additional section helps to demonstrate the ability to apply skills in real-world scenarios, even if they are not directly related to formal work experience. The resume focuses on presenting as a proactive and dedicated individual with a genuine interest in customer service. Language is tailored to align with the specific job being applied for, showcasing how unique qualities make a promising candidate for the role.


    John Smith

    1234 Elm Street

    Boston, MA 02101

    (000) 123-4567

    [email protected]


    Motivated and enthusiastic individual aiming for a Customer Service Representative position at ABC Company. Offering customer service and communication skills gained from a business degree to serve the company's clients effectively.


    Bachelor of Business Administration

    Boston University, Boston, MA – 2021

    GPA: 3.5

    Key Strengths

    • Solid understanding of customer service principles and processes

    • Excellent administrative and clerical skills

    • Strong ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with customers and


    • Proficient in following detailed instructions as needed

    • Bilingual – English and French

    • Technical – MS Office Suite, MS Project, and Word Processing Programs

    Internship & Summer Experience

    Trader Joe's – Boston, MA

    Summer 2021

    Customer Service Cashier

    • Delivered excellent customer service

    • Priced all merchandise accurately

    • Organized, stocked, and rotated merchandise

    • Maintained a clean, orderly, and well-organized work area

    Starbucks – Boston, MA

    Summer 2019

    Customer Service Intern

    • Performed front desk and customer service duties

    Extracurricular Activities

    • Vice President of the university business club

    • Active member of the university basketball team

    • Active member of Theatrics – the university drama club

    Additional Strengths

    • Office equipment handling

    • Basic mathematical operations

    • Handling demanding clients

    • Managing confidential information

    Customer service qualifications

    The qualifications of a customer service representative resume focus on showcasing the essential skills and attributes that make a candidate well-suited for the role. Customer service qualifications are an opportunity to provide a snapshot of capabilities, emphasizing both soft and technical skills relevant to customer service. Action-oriented language must be used, and consideration is given to incorporating keywords from the job description to align qualifications with the employer's expectations.

    • Consistently achieved customer satisfaction scores above 95%.
    • Handled 60 daily calls, addressing customer inquiries, solving problems, and providing new product information.
    • Documented all customer interactions and completed call logs accurately and efficiently.
    • Trained two new employees on how to use CRM software, customer service techniques, and other necessary skills.
    • Recognized as Employee of the Month four times due to high customer satisfaction ratings.
    • Regularly followed up with customers to ensure their technical issues were resolved.
    • Assisted with the development of the new company-wide customer service training program.

    Customer service job description for resume

    A detailed overview of responsibilities and achievements in previous positions is essential in creating a job description for a customer service representative role on a resume. Job description of customer service for resume aids potential employers in understanding the breadth of experience and its alignment with their needs. Action verbs for customer service are utilized to express contributions and achievements. The content must be tailored to highlight skills and experiences that correspond with the specific requirements of the job being applied for. Achievements are quantified to provide a measurable impact.

    Customer Service Representative

    Skyward Solutions | Sunnyvale, CA | USA | 2021 – Present

    • Handled customer inquiries via phone, email, and chat, consistently achieving a 95% satisfaction rating.
    • Provided timely and accurate information to customers, ensuring a positive experience.
    • Resolved customer complaints and issues in a timely manner, with a 98% first-call resolution rate.
    • Maintained accurate customer records in the CRM system, ensuring data integrity.
    • Collaborated with team members to identify and implement process improvements, resulting in a 10% reduction in call wait times.

    Customer Service Associate

    Harmonic Design Collective | Chicago, IL | USA | 2019 – 2021

    • Effectively processed orders and refunds, ensuring customer satisfaction.
    • Proactively address customer concerns and complaints, expertly de-escalating situations and finding solutions.
    • Provided comprehensive product and service information, educating customers and building rapport.
    • Contributed to a 15% increase in cheerful customer reviews through exceptional service.

    Retail Customer Service Representative

    JKL Retail Store | Chicago, IL | USA | 2017 – 2019

    • Greeted customers, assessed needs, and provided personalized service, demonstrating strong communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Assisted with sales transactions, returns, and exchanges, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
    • Handled product inquiries and resolved customer concerns, building trust and loyalty.
    • Upsold and cross-sold products, contributing to revenue growth.
    • Maintained a clean and organized store environment, promoting a positive customer experience.


    The education section of a customer service representative's resume includes details about the academic background is typically included. The customer service representative's resume education section includes the degree earned, such as a Bachelor of Arts or any other relevant qualification. The major is specified if applicable, especially if it aligns with the position or enhances the qualifications. The name of the university or educational institution where the degree was obtained must be mentioned, along with the city and state (or city and country) where the university is located. The month and year of graduation are specified. Additional relevant coursework, honors, or extracurricular activities enhance the qualifications.


    Bachelor of Arts in Communication

    Evergreen University, Los Angeles, CA

    Graduated: May 2020

    GPA: 3.5, Dean's List (3 semesters)

    Skills for customer service representative

    Skills for a customer service representative resume are a critical component that demonstrates the ability to handle customer interactions effectively. The customer service resume skills cover a range of competencies, including communication, problem-solving, and a customer-centric approach. Success in the role often requires adeptness at multitasking, efficient management of inquiries, and utilization of relevant tools and systems. Collaboration within a team and adaptability to various situations are valuable customer service representative skills. Looking at a customer service skills resume example provides valuable insights into effectively highlighting communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills in a resume. Perusing skills examples for resume customer service offers a roadmap to spotlight key competencies effectively. A combination of hard, soft, and technical skills is crucial for delivering exceptional customer service and contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

    Hard skills for customer service resume

    A customer service representative's resume hard skills refer to the specific technical proficiencies and tools essential for managing customer interactions and ensuring a smooth workflow. Hard skills for customer service are often quantifiable and measurable, contributing to the overall efficiency of customer service operations. The essential customer service hard skills list is given below.

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook)
    • Phone Systems and Call Center Software
    • Order Processing Systems
    • Payment Processing Systems
    • Product Knowledge
    • Online Chat Platforms
    • Email Management Tools
    • Ticketing Systems
    • Knowledge Base Systems

    Soft skills for customer service resume

    A customer service representative resume soft skills are equally crucial as they define the interpersonal and communication attributes that contribute to providing excellent service and fostering positive customer experiences. The customer service soft skills are often intangible but play a significant role in building rapport, resolving conflicts, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Soft skills for a customer service representative are essential for creating positive customer interactions. The best list of customer service soft skills is given below.

    • Communication Skills (Verbal and Written)
    • Active Listening
    • Empathy
    • Problem-solving
    • Adaptability
    • Patience
    • Positive Attitude
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Time Management
    • Team Collaboration

    Technical skills for customer service resume

    A customer service representative's resume technical skills encompass the specific proficiencies and tools that enable representatives to manage customer interactions efficiently and leverage technology to enhance the overall customer service experience. Customer service technical skills are essential for navigating various systems, utilizing software applications, and ensuring a seamless workflow. Technical skills for a customer service representative revolve around using tools and software that optimize customer interactions and streamline communication processes. The primary technical skills for a customer service representative resume are given below.

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
    • Call Center Software
    • Phone Systems
    • Order Processing Systems
    • Payment Processing Systems
    • Email Management Tools
    • Online Chat Platforms
    • Ticketing Systems


    Certifications in the customer service field significantly enhance the credibility of a customer service representative's resume, demonstrating a commitment to professional development and a mastery of specific skills. Certifications set candidates apart in a competitive job market while not always mandatory. A dedicated section for them is recommended when listing certifications on a resume. The section must include the name of the certification, issuing organization, date of completion, and any relevant credentials (e.g., certificate number).

    Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)

    Client Services Specialist Certification (CCSS)

    Industry-Specific Certifications (e.g., Healthcare Customer Service Certification, Financial Services Customer Service Certification)


    Including awards in the customer service representative resume serves as a powerful testament to exceptional performance and recognition in the field. Awards highlight individual achievements and emphasize a representative's positive impact on customer satisfaction and overall team success.

    Top Performer of the Month

    Employee of the Year

    Team Player Award

    Innovation Award

    What to put on a resume for customer service

    It is crucial to tailor the format based on the experience level when crafting a customer service resume. A reverse-chronological format showcases industry expertise for individuals with a customer service work history, while a functional format suits those with limited experience or transitioning careers. Contact information must be included at the top of the resume to ensure easy access for potential employers. Beneath the contact details, a professional summary briefly highlights qualifications, experience, and career achievements, acting as an attention-grabbing introduction. The work experience section delves into previous roles, emphasizing accomplishments and responsibilities with quantifiable achievements, presented in an easily scannable format. A dedicated skills section lists pertinent attributes, such as communication and problem-solving, using bullet points for clarity. Education details are included, and optional sections, such as volunteer experience or awards, are considered to enrich the resume further. The list of what to put on a resume for customer service is given below.

    • Contact Information
    • Resume headline
    • Summary or Objective
    • Skills
    • Work Experience
    • Education
    • Certifications(Optional)
    • Awards(Optional)

    What not to include in a customer service resume?

    It's advisable to omit elements that do not contribute positively to the application when preparing a customer service resume. Below is a list of what not to include in a customer service resume.

    Irrelevant personal information: Details like age, marital status, or social security number are generally irrelevant to the application and often omitted.

    Generic objectives: Generic or vague career objectives that don’t specifically align with the customer service position being applied for are usually skipped.

    Unrelated hobbies: Hobbies unrelated to the role or don’t highlight relevant skills are typically not listed.

    Overused phrases: Specific language that sets the applicant apart must be preferred over clichés and overused phrases in the professional summary or objective.

    Unprofessional email addresses: A professional email address must typically be used for contact information rather than informal or inappropriate usernames.

    Full street address: A complete home address is usually not provided; city and state are typically sufficient.

    References: It’s common to state that references are available upon request, so they are not included on the resume.

    Salary expectations: Mentioning salary expectations on the resume is typically avoided; this is usually discussed later in the hiring process.

    Negative language: Using negative language or discussing past challenges in a way that portrays the applicant negatively is generally avoided.

    Generic job descriptions: Focusing on quantifiable achievements and specific responsibilities in each role is preferred over generic job descriptions.

    How to tailor a customer services representative resume

    To tailor a customer service representative resume, align qualifications and experiences with the specific requirements of the target position to make the application stand out. Practical resume tailoring involves carefully reviewing the job description to understand the key skills, qualifications, and responsibilities the employer seeks. The resume is customized by emphasizing relevant experiences, skills, and achievements that directly align with the needs of the customer service role being applied for. Tailoring resume approach increases the likelihood of the resume passing through applicant tracking systems and makes a strong impression on hiring managers looking for candidates with a precise fit for their team.

    • Read the job description: A thorough examination must be conducted to identify the specific skills, qualifications, and responsibilities required for the customer service position.
    • Notice what’s mentioned multiple times: Attention is paid to recurring keywords or skills emphasized in the job description. The keywords and skills are likely critical aspects the employer values.
    • Identify essential requirements: Key requirements and qualifications outlined in the job description, such as communication skills, problem-solving abilities, or familiarity with specific software, are pinpointed.
    • Match experiences: Relevant work experiences, achievements, and skills match the identified vital requirements. Instances where the desired qualifications have been demonstrated are highlighted.
    • Incorporate keywords: Integrating keywords and phrases from the job description into the resume helps align the resume with the language used by the employer and increases the chances of passing through automated applicant tracking systems.
    • Quantify achievements: Achievements are quantified to provide concrete evidence of impact in previous roles. Achievements add a level of specificity and credibility to the resume.
    • Customize professional summary: The professional summary is tailored to reflect alignment with the specific needs of the customer service role. A brief emphasis on how skills and experiences make an ideal candidate for the position must be included.
    • Adjust skills section: The skills section of the resume prominently features the key skills highlighted in the job description. The skills section makes it easy for the hiring manager to identify relevant capabilities.
    • Proofread and review: Before submitting the tailored resume, it is thoroughly proofread to ensure clarity, coherence, and accuracy. It is reviewed from the hiring manager's perspective to ensure it effectively communicates suitability for the customer service role.

    Keywords for customer service resume

    Customer service resume keywords are terms or phrases related to the skills, experiences, and qualifications employers want. Customer service resume keywords help resumes match job descriptions, pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and show a perfect fit. Many employers use applicant tracking systems to screen resumes quickly. Keywords help ATS systems find candidates. Including job description keywords in a resume increases the likelihood that ATS and hiring managers notice it. Customer service resume keywords include customer service-related skills, industry terminology, and qualifications, ensuring that a resume matches the employer's needs. Below are the top keywords for including customer service resumes.

    • Customer Service
    • Data Entry
    • MS Office
    • Active listening
    • Technical
    • Scheduling
    • Detail Oriented
    • Communication Skills
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Issue Resolution
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Multi Tasking


    How do you explain gaps in employment on a customer service resume?

    Explaining employment gaps on a customer service resume involves being honest, focusing on professional development, and tailoring the explanation to the job application. Employment gaps are periods without formal employment in a career. The gaps last months or years and able to be voluntary or involuntary. Honesty is vital when explaining resume gaps. Hiding the gaps is able to hurt the application and give recruiters a reason to suspect something.

    Highlight professional development activities during the gap, such as industry certifications, continuing education courses, professional associations, or volunteer or contract work. The professional development activities fill resume employment gaps. The resume does not include the gap, whether short or old. A recent or long gap must be explained honestly, and any relevant experiences or skills must be highlighted.

    Should I include references? If so, what’s the best way to do that?

    No, you should not include references on your resume. Instead, references are provided separately. The inclusion of references on resumes is not standard. This is due to the fact that employers usually request references after a successful interview. The space on a resume is typically reserved for other important information.

    Individuals who vouch for professional skills, attributes, and qualifications are chosen. The individuals are able to be managers, coworkers, direct reports, academic advisers, or professional mentors. The information provided for references includes their name, title, company, relationship to the candidate, and contact information. The reference's home or work address is not typically included.

    How long should I wait to follow up after I submit a resume for this job?

    You should wait about one to two weeks before following up after submitting a resume for a customer service representative position. The waiting period allows the employer to review applications and conduct initial screenings. Following up too soon is perceived as impatient while waiting too long might suggest a lack of interest. Striking a balance by waiting around one to two weeks allows for expressing continued interest in the position without appearing overly eager. It's important to remember that specific application timelines vary, so any provided information about the hiring process or follow-up instructions in the job posting should be considered. Adherence to a particular timeframe for responses, if mentioned by the employer, is advisable.

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